And now here’s a whopper with 1000 slices of cheese — one moment while I vomit (26 Photos)

Via Rocketnews24

  • Whoa

    Just think this is the amount of cheese one person eats in 2 weeks…I just made that up but people eat crap like McDonald's and burger all the time..disgusting ..that's why America is fat..very embarrassing

  • Big Eazy

    someone is not pooping for a very long time

  • Mitch


  • Vegetarian

    I hate that this made me want a burger.

  • Muadieb

    #18 The Dia-Beetus

  • Will

    If it was $.50 to add cheese that thing cost $500…

    I don't want to live on this planet any more.

  • Elliott

    So. Much. Constipation.

  • msee

    The effects of the nuclear plant leak are starting to show

  • Jordan

    Made it through half of this post and almost vomited. Why would anyone eat Burger King???

  • JUde

    At least he's not an American.

  • iamcanadian

    Great job numb nuts…have fun on the toilet tomorrow.

  • billybopp

    Waste of time.. Its not even funny

  • Levi

    he will never poop again

  • mike


  • Verbal_Kint

    I hope that dude has industrial strength plumbing…

  • ckron247

    #11 My lactose intolerance is kicking in just looking at those pictures….Argh!

  • Brittany

    Good customer service right there

  • rick

    Dude won't shit right for a month.

  • big E

    I would be pissed the cheese isn't even melted lol

  • D-Wiz

    so he basically just did this for 15 minutes of fame. thanks for giving it to him chive. and thanks for wasting my time on this stupid post. celebrating idiots couldn't be more american..

  • Over9000

    Because Japan…..Enough said.

  • CarolineOEvans fucking disgusting on so many levels.. wonder how pooping went for him following that delicious meal.

  • Timothy Altaffer

    I really don't want to live on this planet anymore…

  • Gallus

    May I assume this guy is not lactose intolerant?

  • IrishMan

    Pretty sure his toilet is now broken

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