And now here’s a whopper with 1000 slices of cheese — one moment while I vomit (26 Photos)

Via Rocketnews24

  • RW Griswold

    Congratulations Mr. Sato, you have your 2.5 minutes of internet fame you were looking for.

  • Vlad

    Just stick with Bacon. Damn man.

  • Paul

    Oh BS, There were only 997 slices!! They ripped me off! #11

  • Dana Xu

    Wont be able to shit for a month, easy

  • Wesley Tipton

    he will never shit again!

  • Ricky Runyon

    The point is to see if Burger King would let him have one "his way." (You know, their slogan. "Have it your way.") They called him on his bluff and he just decided to eat it anyways. And I'm sure they charged him for all that cheese.

  • cleojones

    feel sorry for the toilet later on..

  • DrChang

    haha orientals do the funniest

  • Hate The Cheese Guy

    Meanwhile, someone somewhere just died of hunger

  • 4 days! «

    […] Man puts 1000 slices of cheese on a whopper………….. […]

  • Ezzz

    Someone wanted to be constipated.

  • Truk

    Ya Know then trouble with cheese is by the time you've realized you've eaten to much cheese you've eaten to much cheese

  • Wbm

    How is there possibly a woman in the picture?

  • April C

    I love cheese…I'm just concerned about the fact that he went to Burger King to get it.

  • joy blog

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  • sick

    eewww onions

  • Rohmathidayat

    #4 is just some petty, jealous, lazy kid who wants the big life, but doesn’t have the balls or the work ethic to go get it.If pelpoe like the one who painted the message didn’t care about getting rich, then why complain?

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