As far as I know, they're all authentic Cowgirls: part 1 (30 HQ Photos)

  • Joe

    #3 Is it me or is her belly button SUPER high?

  • tumblr sweet

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  • Filbur

    #55, awesome!
    The rest… just OK. Why do people think putting a gun in the hand of an otherwise average looking girl with a decent body suddenly makes her hot?

  • Bob

    Just when I thought I couldn't pick just one, suddenly #34 appears.

  • Chance

    #55 Smokin hottt!

  • webster


    Calgary Stampede 100 year centennial hat???

  • Outlaw

    #54 Not raggin' on Mila Kunis, but do you think she actually gets up at 5AM to milk cows? Nope, me either.

  • MT_Cowgirl

    I can tall yall right now most of those aren't real cowgirls. There are some cowgirls and some just country girls (the ones that are farmers daughters and rednecks) but most of them are models or wannabes. Cowgirls do NOT wear scrunch boots they let their boots scrunch overtime which is a totally different look, they do not wear black woven hats because it completely defeats the purpose of having a woven hat over a felt, they dont were their jeans so low the the belt sits where their legs bend because trust me it make it hard as hell to get in the saddle and 9-10 they dont tuck their jeans inside their boots. Oh and you sure as hell cant see their hipbones because they have muscle from throwing hay and wrestling calves during branding and vaccination seasons.

  • Daniel

    There are 5 possibly six that are true cowgirls… The rest have only seen a sunrise if they got home late enough and most have never and will never get up at 5 and milk a cow. I grew up on a ranch in Montana and none looked that chic. Ladies that aren't afraid to rope, ride, shoot and work have my vote any day, but a majority of those pictured don't have calloused hands just holsom, girl next door looks.

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    Wallpaper photos of hot women dressed as Cowgirls : theBRIGADE

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