Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

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  • Andy1966

    #21, Now that is sexy!!

  • Ralph

    #18, she has a built in tractor beam!… Oh wait.. Thats my boner.

  • Doomsday3

    #4 for the love of god, FIND HER! So beautiful, yet sweet looking!

  • village idiot

    #49 have my children please!

  • Amanda *Pie*

    I have no logical explaination for this, but the DAR just seems so much more awesome to look through with this song playing in the background.

  • Mikerhinos

    #49 MILF, period

  • Shawn

    #49 has some thighs damn🙂

  • ShaneBogue

    #4 #21 #49 find them…… me want MOAR

  • WTF Mate

    eat a dick and die. Go read BET if you want hot and black… christ. Not everything has to make black ppl happy all there time, there is plenty of shit yall do that dont make me happy!

    How about we start BETisRacist @ Stfu DOT com!


  • http://twitter.com/joe_pec6014 @joe_pec6014

    #49 Moar!!! Please Moar!!

  • What_Tha

    #21 the legs win.

  • https://www.facebook.com/katelyn.manchak Katelyn Manchak

    What's with all the ugly girls on the DAR?

    • Andrea


  • https://www.facebook.com/neves.machado.5 Ricardo Neves Machado

    #35 seems to be in my beloved country, Portugal. And yes, our malls have lounge areas, so we can take a nap, while our girlfriends are shopping. Some even have TV and others have video games. It's a kindergarten for grown up men.

  • macky

    #4 #4 #4 #4 ….that's all

  • C.Shep

    #24. Went to Whyalla once, the only hot chick in the club danced like a chicken on ketamine. Top place. South Australian Chive enthusiast.

  • Sade

    #3 Awwww ♥ Makes me forget about the Zombie Koala in the last post.

  • stellarosa27

    Thanks to all of those from #44!!

  • PaintGuy

    #49 Outstanding!! I want moar!! PLEASE!!

  • bz1`

    #49 Absolutely gorgeous! MOAR!!!!!!!

  • NaTaS

    #40 I hope that's a guy with that tattoo… would be MUCH funnier

  • grand rapids

    #1 #20 Two Grand Rapids posts! Keeping it classy in GR.

  • Quasimofo

    #33 Well, fuck you then. Get a job.

  • mith

    #27 Pick up your shit you stupid bitch…. #49 very except-able….

  • Katie

    #44 Thank you!!!!

  • dragon2777

    #25 That right there is the "I've made a terrible mistake" face #36 Hey there buddy

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