I’ll gladly give you a dollar tomorrow for a Find Her today (34 Photos)

  • Kenny

    #12 #14 #22 #24 #33 if you are the best website ever you need to find these women

    • 452

      33 is ellie gonsalves

    • Kenny

      I hear you Kenny!C hive help these Kennys find number 12 and 24 especially.

  • poptard

    Im sexy and i know it.

    • Underbaker

      Well that makes one of us and his knowledge is questionable.

    • ...

      #31 internet sensation "Tabby" start googling I got a ferret and you'll be led to a never ending supply of pics and vids of the little pixie.

      • Fun

        To be precise, search for Tabby Ridman

    • dag nabbit


  • Preston

    #25 i gotta shop at kohls more often…. yowza!

    • hsk1998

      The right one looks like it's suffocating. Let it BREATHE!!

    • Emmer

      ME TOO!!!

    • Nic

      Great Googa Mooga.

      Besides that I'm at a loss for words at what can only be described as twin Everests.

    • Will

      I don't even know how someone like this works at kohl's. I'll reconsider where I purchase clothes next time…..

  • Jackson



    • Drk Dgglr

      Nicci Pisarri

    • Truth

      hips way to big… she won't age well

      • bap


      • Dave

        Are you crazy she is amazing

      • http://twitter.com/LewDogSpacey @LewDogSpacey


      • Drew

        Gotta disagree, she was my favorite.

      • Lotus

        Big maybe by comparison, some of these girls were walking skeletons. And in my experience girls with big hips age better than girls with big waists or overly large breasts.

      • Tony

        Yeah, I c what ur saying

    • Juby

      She's ok I guess. For a fatty.

      • The Woim

        / / /
        That comment must be from a jealous fatty.

      • Lotus

        I like how a girl like her can even remotely be considered fat. No wonder so many girls have body image issues.

    • Guillem

      Nicole Lyn Pisarri.

  • Bless1

    #3,#11,#20- yup, all day. Find em Chive!

    • DanTheMan

      #11 has got the football team right but cant see anything else and #20 has got everything right.. dream girl!!!

    • McSmizzle

      #20 is unbelievable. I wouldn't mind bit if she was on every post from now on…

    • MrMav

      #3 has to be Selena Gomez. #10 is the girl that I need to find, preferably in my bed

    • Answers

      #3 is Jena Mays

    • http://twitter.com/CofCynicism @CofCynicism

      #20 is at a club thats on the florida/alabama line.

      • Pcola

        Yesit is. FLORA-BAMA on Perdido key (Barrier Island right off the coast of Florida and Alabama). Unfortunately, I don't recall ever seeing this girl there, so I'll just have to keep an eye out.

  • Andy Gonzo

    #9 is Naomi Watts

    • nphotoblue

      This was my request…Well shit, what was she doing in the mirror pics gallery? Are there not enough Chivette submittals?

      • jun

        Looks like your chances of breakfast are pretty much gone. Sorry fella.

      • Faraday

        Probably the best find her request ever.

        • nphotoblue


    • DavidZH

      And you do not want to fight Wolverene's brother! But agreed; breakfast sounds very nice.

  • Three!!!!

    OMG. THIRD!!!! I'm awesome. Sooooo close to first

    • http://www.facebook.com/jefffsmith Jeff Smith

      You spelled six wrong…

      • Three!!!!

        You spelled three wrong.

  • Kelowna Chiver

    Is #9 not Naomi Watts??

  • Roco

    #2 FTW!!

    • the stez

      Bhitch McCannontits.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

    emphasis on #27

    • Dirty

      Melissa Debling…….5th or 25th time she has been on Find Her.

    • Jimmy

      That's Jenna Marbles / Jenna Mourey

      • Vance

        1 million percent NOT Jenna Marbles, its Melissa Debling

    • Giggity
    • Ander

      How do people still not recognize melissa Debling?

    • thatguyoverthere

      Too bad there aren't any topless pics of her available. Because that would be all sorts of awesome.

      • Kevin

        youre new to the internet arent you 😉

      • Blake

        Are you kidding me? You must not be looking in the right place. Plenty of topless pictures.

      • wICKED 1

        Go to babepedia.com for nude pics of Melissa.

      • Poot

        You'll win at irony!

    • https://www.facebook.com/themattpool Matt Pool

      if im not mistaken that melissa debling

  • tv_paul

    #20#21#26 I been thinking about each one since they've been posted.

    • FunKiller

      A little creepy….just a little!

      • tv_paul

        I'm a married guy with kids . I'm not obsessing over this girls, I'm just putting it in the fantasy memory bank that's all. If you're married or in a steady relationship I think you know of what I speak and if not eventually you will.KCCO.

        • FunKiller

          Hah, married no kids…..I totally get it!!

    • paulhitchcock

      #21 is April, from the April on the Road series from Val-Mont. That's all I've got.

      • Fun-Fun

        Hep, her name is April. But if you read further down the page you provide, you find that you can see lots more of her at girls-mag.de

  • wow eeeee

    #2 is nicci pisarri

    • ABLe

      Thank you sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

      • Tru Chiver

        thank you, kind sir. you sir, kind sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, kind sir, good sir. touche. KCCO

    • Macro

      A lot of these girls that aren't Chivettes can be found with Google's picture search (not the usual image search).

  • AB

    #34 holy mother of Humps

  • logger


    • logger


    • Bruce

      I only have a little bit of attention left… But here, you take it. You obviously need it more than I do. I don't usually help beggars, but you need more help than anyone I've ever seen.

      • Tru Chiver

        no, give it to the chivettes. then they'll send more slutty pics with which i can fap. KCCO

    • tv_paul

      You should have taken the blue pill, Mr. Anderson.

    • Zuke

      I'm sorry you weren't born a well endowed female. That is unfortunate, as the world needs more attractive women far more than it needs annoying "wacky" (and I place great emphasis on those quotation marks) kids who's parents don't pay enough attention to them. Now granted, the truth is that the world will probably always need more of the former and none of the latter, but still.

      Anyways, my point is that people are here to direct their attention towards these young ladies and possibly finding them, a noble cause if I may say so myself. If you want attention, you'd be far, far better off going someplace else. There is no way in hell your attempts to act like a "character" is going to trump photos of fine women. It's not biologically possible. Hell, the only reason I'm even typing this much is because in reality I'm thinking about how amazing it would be to even just take a nap on #2's boobs and hardly even paying attention to what I'm writing.

  • BGrimsleyII

    #2 Please, she is wonderfully perfect!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      So curvy…I'd bet a lot of fun to hang onto…


    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      I love the cock.


    • slmlmn

      something looks warped down below

      • Lotus

        Yeah something off about it, too lazy to tineye it.

  • KCCO

    #9 I think we would all like to have breakfast with Naomi Watts

  • dude

    #12 I would have her baby

    • sean

      Coach Saban's Daughter Kristen I believe.

      • Guest


    • Josh

      Natural beauty for the love of God fInd her

  • Paco

    Yes to #14 #20 #25

    • Z THE G

      #14 is Amanda Helen Tam

      • Rafael_RS

        Cheers for that

    • NaughtyNinja74

      #25 Almost makes me want to go back and work for Kohl's again…

  • Big Joe

    #25 that bra must have been engineered at MIT!

    • Emmet

      Patent Pending.

  • Honest

    Solid Monday Chive. Many thanks!

    What about a Find Her – University Edition?

    • douchenstein

      Isn't that called facebook?

  • Tom

    #9 Isn't that Naomi Watts?

  • It's more!!!

    If u ever wrote MOAR. U ARE a Fukin loser. With the exception of me because I wrote it for an example

    • Dick

      Amen. These fools are assclowns. I think "MOAR" was the sound made when the Chive creators first experimented with buttfucking themselves

      • Capone

        that must be why you two homos are scrolling the chive……. maybe it was the sound your mother made while she was gulping down Johnny Chive's cock

        • Elton John

          I don't know about those two, but I'm here because commenters like yourself are the bitchiest queens I've ever come across. The Chivers are gayer than my last orgy. True Story.

      • bogger

        how ironic. your name is dick. as in what you take up your ass every day.

        • Dick

          Good one! Did it take you a while to come up with this? Or did you just ask the closest third grader. Go blow some MOAR cum bubbles with your Dad while he moans "Chiiivvvveee ooonnnn!"

          • Elton John

            Fuck off

          • wICKED 1

            You must be an ugly one that isn't Chive worthy. Resentment leads to ulcers. Scientific fact.

    • HtownChiver


    • Alex

      YOUR A FUCKEN MOARON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chiver

    #30 really? couldn't you set your goals a little higher??

    • John

      More importantly,,, whoever took the photo already found her. Just didn't do anything about it.. Lost ur chance

      • Average John

        Kinda what I was thinking…….

    • Jay

      Well, she's in Denver Int'l Airport. At least that narrows it down a bit. (Though, not sure if she lives in Colorado or maybe just flew in to visit … so … I guess it doesn't narrow it down at all)

      But at least I contributed!!

    • realio


      The Chive should have standards. This is "if I worked in a fishing lodge in Katmai all summer and she is a chick" standard.

      • Will

        OMG. I'm doing a project on Mt. Katmai right now. WIERD 😛

  • John

    27 is Melissa D, British glamour model

    • wow eeeee

      d is for Debling

    • Cheeksquadmonopoly


  • Bangerang

    #13 #17 please. And thank you for finding #2

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