Hot Right Now: The weekend is in sight, now we just DGAF (45 Photos)

I’ll gladly give you a dollar tomorrow for a Find Her today (34 Photos)

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  • Miracle Worker

    and #25…You can FIND me at any time

  • Etheroth

    #12 and #14 gorgeous

  • ZacHart96

    #26 for sure!

  • dan0

    #30 if you snap a pic of a girl on your own, don’t ask the chive to find her. Go talk to her yourself. She won’t bite. If you don’t, you might find yourself forever alone.

  • Sav

    #14 is Amazing! Find her!!!

  • eatsleepnexercise

    wow…so many good ones! especially #5 #14 #22 #26 #27

  • Petey

    #25&#26 oh my god!!!!!

  • ANON

    #8 Where is your ESWS pin? GET THERE!!

  • is awesome

    #27 melissa debling also i was listening to queens find me somebody to love scrolling this which was odd

  • redman12

    #24 looks like a bad ass chick.

  • Dan

    #2 Is Nicole Pissari

  • warn23

    #3 and #27 need to be found… flawless

  • warn23

    nobody has emphasized #24 yet? shes amazing!

  • Bob

    #14…I know this sounds corny as hell, but I could look at that face all day, or until she calls the cops, one or thecops, either or.

  • BananaSplit

    I'm a chick and I just have to say that I love how you dudes find such diverse ladies hot! It gives me hope for man kind. !


    #14 #14 #14 #14 #14 Sweet Lord she is quite possibly the most attractive women I've seen..

  • Dal

    #12 looks like Laura Vandervoort. Pretty sure it's her.

  • Frizby

    #27 She is Gemma Atkinson, Mr.Bean daughter…

    • Your Mom


  • Solomon

    There is nothing stopping you from speaking your mind.

  • Augie

    I know # 31

    • juju

      you do??? I've been scouting the chive for the last 20 minutes about her

    • juju

      tell me who she is D: please?😀

  • StaySweezy

    #24 I can't believe there's nobody else here as eager as me to see MOAR!!!

  • giacapo

    It seems that many people are easily pleased. Nothin' on her to write home about.

  • Dat Dude

    #15 FTW!!!

  • saucyDbag

    #26 sexy as hell. Show more!

  • Wes Lawrence

    #23 omnomnomnom

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