It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (25 Photos)

  • Superman

    #20 FTW!

    • Master_Rahl

      "Let me ass you a question"

    • Awesome

      "Do you have a mint?"

    • rawsker

      Perhaps some banaca?

    • Dr_StrangePants

      the Magnificently Talented Bumhole of Jim Carey

    • Craig

      Also, better looking than Kristen Stewart

    • Drunkendave

      The origins of goatse?

    • Shits funny to me

      #7 MOAR

  • TheAssMan

    #3 Now for a lesson in driving, without watching the road….

    • Guest

      Anybody know where this is from?

    • Marco

      Very unsafe to drive down stairs while looking away…. Very unsafe. I like it.

  • chron247

    #1 Agreed! yes she was.

    • Tim

      Yeah, that is so crazy I have been telling people for years that my first crush was Christina Ricci as Wednesday Adams

    • drod

      I remember in elementary school my buddies making fun of me for having the hots for Ricci. I feel so validated right now.

    • jonn

      i loved her moccasins,my high school girlfriend wore them

  • negative nancy

    #23 because I am a cow.

    • smalliver

      It's a horse………….I can't wait for this to become a thing of its own.

    • Smuttiz

      It's a fucking reindeer!!

  • Derrek likes boys


    • Zane

      You embarrass Zane's everywhere.

      • dumb americans


        retarded americans.

        • Ethix

          I don't think anything he said indicated that he was American.

          • Zane

            Actually I am. And proud of it. Fuck that troll.

        • USA

          You're so intelligent..

    • dag nabbit

      Fuck zane

  • PontangPunisher

    #3 I agree.:D

    • dragon2777

      I think we all agree 🙂

    • blainemxrider

      i sat there and waited for the ride to start going

    • Shawn

      Would love to see those bewbies

      • saucypants

        Anna/Tanya Song. You can look at them a lot.

        • gnocco

          I am disappoint.

    • pretty smile

      She'll be carrying them in a wheelbarrow in a couple years.

    • Mickael Duncan

      I think I prefer boobs that are human size…and not down at their waist.

      • davo

        i think you prefer men

    • Smitty

      Post the video, post the video!

  • Vent187

    #1 I loved her in that movie.

    • gbody

      I STILL have a crush on Christina Ricci. I LIKE it creepy and kooky!

    • Dr_Originality

      My first crush was the pink power ranger. Kimberly Hart ❤

      • @McBeastie666

        Winnie Cooper was mine.

        • Tava

          You win sir!

        • Dirty_Dingus

          Oh, that's a good one. Maybe my 2nd crush.
          First one will always be Alissa Milano.

          • twoedges

            Umm yes and its Alyssa with a 'y'. Winnie is second. Candice Camero… ha ha just kidding

          • Douche McBaggins

            Oh whose the boss!!!

        • testudo321

          Oh yes Winni Cooper, although I must admit I was not impartial to Karen Arnold. 😉

      • The Joker

        mine was Tyler Perry in Madea's Family Reunion. ❤

        • SirCtheIII

          He will be my first… victim.

    • Brandon

      My first was Punky Brewster. Sigh.

      • fish

        She's hot now, as opposed to back then. She's got huuuuuugge tracts of land.

        • Chief Slapahoe

          …but I want to sing… monty python reference = thumbs up

        • Tru Chiver

          i'm a white male, so i too am morally/genetically obliged to thumb up a monty python reference. KCCO

      • Damien Loki

        Mine was Evanna Lynch

    • Kevin Mills

      me too, but my crush started 4th grade, and the movie was casper,

    • Diego Madlangbayan

      i still have crush on her up unti now. 🙂

    • because bewbs

      Black Snake Moan…

    • blah

      what movie was this?

      • Wednesday

        Addams Family Values….

    • Frank M

      #1. The only problem with that being your first crush is that you were 38 years old in 1993.

  • James Ramos

    #3 holy tits! that would be a fun ride!

    • Jay

      Driver would wreck, never looked at the road once.

  • Endo

    #23 – "Day 7 – Holy shit! I'm not a moose."

    • Iceman2509

      No shit, I'm a caribou.

      • Elkmoosedeer

        They are all from the deer family.

        • Drunkendave


      • Dex

        Hello Mr. Caribou, can I introduce you to the reindeer in the photograph?

        • Iceman2509

          Are you sure? I just googled a pic of a caribou and it sure looks slimilar.

          • Summit

            Caribu, reindeer. Tomato, tamato…

          • abchiver

            Reindeer are the European version and Caribou are the North American version of essentially the same animal. They've just been given different names. Now we all know that Caribou drive Santa's sleigh, suck on that, Rudolph!

        • Devin

          Reindeer and Caribou are the same animal. and Elk is totally different.

          • Merl

            That could not be more wrong.

    • ragin anis

      Rudolf is confused….

    • Macro

      That graphic was clearly not made by a Canadian.

      • OFWGKTA

        Nor a Norwegian..

        • AK-49

          Nor an Alaskan…

          • brett

            Nor any educated human

            • Heh

              Do you relize what you're saying?!

              • ern23

                Nor Sarah Palin

    • SnidleeWhiplash

      Day 8, humans feast on reindeer steaks.

    • COTE

      Dasher drank too much eggnog

    • eastcoasterner

      I'm fairly certain that's a zebra, not a moose

  • Luke

    EXCUSE ME SIR!? Do you have mint!? Perhaps some benacca!?

    • Ninja

      I would like to ASS you, a few questions.

    • Spenny

      Hi I'm Doctor Butt. I'm doing my rounds, and I'm a little behind.

    • Hutch

      Great movie!

  • ShrimpDaddy


    Might be because it's a Caribou

    • The Village Idiot

      You got it Shrimp Daddy! (I hate stupid people.)

    • tahobart

      I'm gonna take a shot at this, and say it's a reindeer, and this photo was taken during the liberation of Norway in the Second World War by the British.

  • CowboyChiver

    …because I'm a caribou.

  • Marshal

    #23 is an elk, not a moose.

    • Drunkendave

      Have you seen either?

      • Marshal

        I live in MN, just down the street from an Elk farm. I have seen both, and this is an elk. Sorry guys.

        • Xceler8

          Nice try , open your eyes

        • @McBeastie666

          I think it's a duck because there's a duck farm just down the street from me and they look really similar.

          • Marshal

            Red Deer Elk.

            • MN resident too, Ass

              Still a Caribou you clown

              • Marshal

                Maybe, I can't tell the difference.

                • Vyle_Kidovich

                  I live in CA, just down the street from a retard farm. I have seen both and you are a retard. Sorry guys

              • des troyer

                i live in ak and go caribou hunting… this is not a caribou

                • Trixi

                  What is it then? A unicorn?

                  • tahobart

                    Could be a reindeer, but I'm too lazy to investigate further.

          • James


        • Devin

          duh genius?

        • Bran

          Thats a caribo not an elk you provably live by a caribo farm

    • SayIWont

      Marshal is a moron, not a Marshal

    • Xceler8

      Funniest looking elk I've ever seen… Good job chief

      • Marshal

        Obviously haven't seen many elks there have ya chief….

        • Xceler8

          No what would a traditional native hunter from northern Canada know about moose elk and caribou, my people have just been hunting all three for hundred of years right where I live and grew up… You must be right elk master, fucking moron.

          • Marshal

            It's called a Red Deer Elk. Sorry, Elk Master Chief.

            • olaf

              first of all its a caribou. second, elk and red deer are two different species dink

            • the stez

              typical chiver. keep mouthing off even when they're retardedly wrong.

          • Drunkendave

            He's a merican xceler8. They are never wrong. Ever!

            • archbrix

              really? you really wanna take it there?

              • Drunkendave

                I just did

        • Drunkendave

          Probably best for you to shut up now marshal.

          • Marshal

            Can't do that sir.

    • The Village Idiot


      • loves sammiches

        I read every comment in a northern accent, and added "eh" to the end of sentence. It was more fun, and made more sense that way.

        • Virgil

          This comment was the one that made the most sense.

    • Marshal

      I'm also from MN, named Marshal and live about ten miles from an Elk farm…and that's a Caribou. STFU, you make all of MN look bad.

      • Cti686

        Marshal u r a dumbass. Maybe you live down the street from a caribou farm cause that is no elk…try google it helps stupid people not be stupid.

        • Marshal

          You need to re-read what I said. I near by an Elk farm, and I agree, the animal in that picture is NOT an elk. It's a caribou. I was trying to point out, not everyone in MN is as stupid as the other Marshal. Try elementary school, it helps people read.

          • Marshal

            *I live near by an Elk farm*

    • Trixi




      The antlers and the mane are a dead fucking give away that this is a caribou.

      • dave

        expected boobs. got biology lesson. interesting day

        • Trixi

          You could still get boobies.

          • Drunkendave



      look at a Canadian quarter. The picture is that exact animal, which is a Caribou.

      • dewey

        Caribou! Caribou! Caribou! Anyone who says it isn't is dumber than a caribou!

        Well, OK, it may very well be a "domesticated caribou," which is known by its more common name, Reindeer. (Not "Red Deer.")

        I hate you all.

    • dumb americans

      another retarded american.

      • Walter Sobchak

        I am a american and i just want to say,can i come to your country? I can prove i am not a tard.

      • iluvyou

        How's it feel to be beneath such retards? Doesn't say much for your country, does it?

    • That Canadian Guy

      Your a dipshit not a poster.

      • Jabronski


    • rick

      It is not a moose or an elk it is a caribou

  • J.D


    Like a boss

    • J.D

      #5 like a boss, not no damn Taylor swift

      • Brick


      • greyphilosophy

        You mean like a Ross?

  • Carl Linnaeus

    I hope not since that's a caribou.

  • ahall005

    Yep. I’m motivated to go back to work.

  • Reginald von Finkerschnitzel

    #3 Find her please!

    • chiver

      Anna Song…nsfw

  • robin

    #23, reindeer… just sayin

    • Drunkendave


      • the stez

        reindeer are caribou, retards.

        • Drunkendave

          You never hear of caribou pulling santas sleigh now do you? Who's the retard now…?

          • MaceofBass

            Wikipedia Mutha Fucka, do you use it??

    • Phil

      reindeer and caribou are the same animal

  • ramborabbitryan

    #22 damn it they found my stash… Note to self… Bigger lockers next time…

    • James

      On this episode of cribs- Glen Quagmire

      • amrith777


  • Ahhh Yeah


    Have you ever even seen a moose? Because that sir is not a moose!

  • mavrick66

    #23….that is a caribou not a moose …still cool pic

    • dutch

      hey, look, a bunch of canadian chivers all chimed in at the same time to educate us on arctic wildlife.

      (and yeah, i knew it wasn't a moose too)

  • WithoutRemorse

    #23 is actually a caribou and not a moose… just sayin.

  • Shovel

    #23 – Good thing, cause I'm a Caribou

    • @McBeastie666

      literally the 10th person to post that. We get it. It's a fucking caribou.

    • Derp

      You sure? Cause marshal from mn has seen an elk and that's an elk man. (tip look at comments bogey to be educated by marshal the elk master)

  • Keith_D

    #1- Mine too!

    • Kat

      3 words: Black Snake Moan

  • Guthrie Atkinson

    Abraham Lincoln said it best: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

    • Dwight Schrute

      False. This phrase was popularized by William Edward Higgins.

      • Dwight K. Schrute

        False False. It's actually William Edward HICKSON. Your welcome.

        • why not?


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