Meanwhile, in Mexico… (38 photos)

  • eltorrito

    this is just stupid chive this was no bueno you should of just had mexican girls

  • The Jesster

    Bomb shit Chive locsters
    Eltorrito is a goon!!! Keep on keepen on Chive
    Peace out on the west side ninjas!!! Westside Bugg is the greatest!!

  • Not mexican

    By the way, #2 is not mexican.. derps

  • Mike


  • sandy astroglide

    #22 apparently needs to be posted every single day.

  • capt dikhed

    #19 Fail. The Pueblo Indians made a form or burrito long before the mexicans. It's still ours bitches.

  • capt dikhed

    No get the hell out!

  • schango

    My uncle is in that picture, he was an undercover agent.

  • CURT D

    Ijo de su puta madre!

  • Ashwee

    #27 Some fuel for your mule? Gas for the ass? 😉

  • Hedro

    #35 Where did the other 70% of the pharmacy go?

  • noelmarquez


  • Dee

    #2 upsets me.

    Solely cos I'm Puerto Rican & that's clearly NOT a poster from Mexico.

  • Verde

    I knew there was going to be a donkey

  • The Yoga Pants Judge

    #21 BMW: Big Mexican Woman

  • MohawkJon

    #1 #17

  • joe news

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  • rat fink

    i'm Mexican and i find this offensive! not really but i just wanted to quote bender.

  • LLCJ

    HAHAHA #22 ain't from Mexico! That's from the Philippines! I know those guys!

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