Meanwhile, in Mexico… (38 photos)

  • Marco

    Homer! Eres mi Hijo! LOL…

  • dragon2777

    #12 Greatest wrestling move ever

  • it's olga!

    Ummm… #9 is from Buenos Aires, Argentina…not Mexico? Geography skills, not so good

  • Jgc

    I'm Mexicano and I aprove this post!! I Guess #31 is the way my grandparents came to Merica!:) by the way most of the Picts are NOT from Mexico!

  • br69

    I've heard enough about Mexico to know what happens next with a woman and her donkey.

  • cels0_o

    #4 English now considered Mexican.

  • HopeMarie8998

    Who snuck in and illegaly put this post up?

  • Outlaw

    #5 Quick, they can't know we're here…Turn into a chair! Nailed it.
    #26 Seems legit.


    2, 3, 4, 10, 18 NOT MEXICAN!!

  • Emilio Rodriguez

    Not all of these pics are from Mexico….but still….this is fuckin embarrasing…..the guys with the weird ass boots…are the disgrace of my contry

    • Mgl Alqa

      Indeed, I'm mexican too.

  • Axy

    #38 i guess mustaches don't make everything better after all.

  • @LouElHumano

    #1 #17 those kind of guys are a cancer… that style is known as Tribal, and is hooooorible

  • canadianbird

    This guys probably risking his life to get to an under paid job so he can make the 3 pesos a day to pay half of which to the mexican drug cartels so they don't cut off his uncles head. 😦 boo to poverty. #25

    • Mgl Alqa

      And goverment does not give a shit abuot BTW they made a fraud to take the power of the country again, that's why people in México are taking the streets

      • Mgl Alqa


  • xzapato

    a toda madre o un pinche desmadre.

  • Drake Savage

    I'm pretty sure that all of these pictures were taken in Houston!

  • ben


    estar gwuars

  • Ozzy Merc

    This is stupid! There are Asians and Argentinians mixed into this post. PS the burrito is more American than Mexican. Its not a typical dish you'd find in Mexico with the exception of the border towns

    • Mgl Alqa

      indeed, taco is more typical in México than burrito

  • papyjunnky99

    #10 not Mexican, cabrones!!! hahaha

  • ChiveOn

    #32 I used to see that kind of crap everywhere when I lived in NM

  • Mario Borbon

    to hell with this,some things are not Mexican

  • Leonel_LyL

    Most of this post is not Mexican… yet, God forbid someone make a bad reference to you Yanks.

  • Lol


    All I see is another pregnant one

  • Zuke

    #12 the only thing worse than having dwarfism is having dwarfism and living in mexico…yes, I know they're supposed to be called 'little people' these days. That's fucking retarded. I refuse to refer to them as such; It makes both of us sound stupid.

  • Joe B. Skeen

    #21 What happens in Tijuana stays in Tijuana.

  • Pepe

    #9 is Argentina pendejo !!!

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