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    BUY BUY BUY!!!

  • Lunch_Box

    I have eaten at Chic-fil-a one time and haven't gone back since, the chicken was dry and tasteless.

  • hmph

    well I never sued Chick-fil-a when I took one bite of my sandwich and puked it out almost instantly into the bag. Guess I was good guy Greg enough it let that one pass.

    I don't see how they're are anti-gay at all either. I've seen homosexual employees working the drivethru in a couple of states before I got sick off the chicken sandwich.

    They do suck though

    • sadf

      like my grammar there, those damn slogan nazis

    • Rick

      This isn't about losing dollars its about creative larceny. CFA started out as a small business and recognized the importance of creative marketing. Now, this talentless ass-clown hippy thinks he can swoop down and steal all that fuck him. I hope they win and he goes broke. Forced to pan-handle… ironically, his smell will not change in the slightest. Fucking hippy.

  • guest

    hey chivers, there's a petition you can sign…

  • BarExaminer

    Perfect forum for the little guy to stand up for himself: Suits in trademark allow for attorneys' fees and triple damages on BOTH claims and counter-claims, meaning that if the little guy wins, he does so on Chick-Fil-A's dime.

  • SAA

    as long as they keep making those delicious sandwiches I could care less

  • thorthechiver

    i agree and i get that people are pissed that once again big business is taking on a little guy and bullying him but what i don't get is that we celebrate this man in vermont for essentially ripping off Chic Fil a's slogan. yes he added an E to Mor and and switched chicken to Kale. Thats just a lazy excuse for an ad campaign in my opinion don't ride the coattails of an already established slogan take the extra 5 minutes and come up with your own damn slogan.

    • rendo


  • Phil

    Good for you bud, don't walk on their pavement, let your toes feel the grass

  • Rendo Hargoney

    Seriously hope this guy loses. He lifted the CFA slogan and made it his own. Why not be creative, why not make your own tagline dude. I wish the Milk campaign would steal all the SHAMELESS lifts of "Got Tacos" or "Got Sun" or "Got Cancer" or even "Got Jesus Christ" UGH!!! it makes my skin crawl. Its creative larceny and the people who do it need to be squashed. he is fighting for the right to steal someone else's copy line. Come on people.

  • Sigg Allen

    Stealing and modifying a tagline should not be rewarded. I appreciate he is a hippie taking on "A huge corporation, ma-an!" buy this is utter horse shit. He is wrong. On many levels, mostly for not being creative.

  • weirdscribble

    whats the "Q" for. i must be behind on the acronyms. queens?

    • weirdscribble

      Really people, go the the article listed above and scroll down to the comments. Even a gay guy called it "stra-man rhetoric". Hilarious!

  • Kevin

    Please support Bo. His shirts get the word out about kale, which in turns supports local VT farmers. He is also the lead singer of a rocking band!!

    • tommy boy wedrenn

      Wow, would be great if he came up with his own taglines then…

  • Neil - Canada

    couldn't Hershey (creator of the EAT MORE chocolate bar) get a law suit against Chic-fil-a for using "eat more" in their slogan? if chic-fil-a is claiming they have the rights to the words "Eat more", then Hershey should step up and tell 'em who had it first

  • BobSucksCock

    Hey Bob, fuck you. You are a thieving little piece of shit just like your cock sucking buddy, Bo. Fuck you.

  • tim

    I'd like to say, Fuck Chik Fil A. Non spelling bastards.

  • El D

    Somehow every person in this video is the dumbest person ever. Of course he is ripping them off. Trademark exists for a reason and just because this hilljack and his hilljack friends don't like it doesn't make it bullying, or even wrong.

    *eats chicken*

  • otwdiver

    Reblogged this on iBarclay and commented:
    WOW, I really like Chick-fil-a, this is absurd, I hope this guy wins!

    • Stan De Payne

      I hope he loses. He is a loser who steals other people's ideas. "Got Kale?"

  • dude

    And I bet most of you are iPhone users. Apple trying to own the rectangle with rounded corners… hypocrites.

    And the be clear I'm on the kale guys side.

  • JTwashere

    Chickfila is delicious, his shirts are gay, who the hell wants a shirt that says eat more kale…

  • faemike

    Never eaten there and don't plan to any time

  • jojo

    chick fil a can suck a dick!

  • Ryeguy

    Maybe the guy should be more creative and original with his T-shirt? Chick-Fil-A thinks its too close. Thats thier right. If it goes to court, then see what happens and live with it. The thought that Chick-Fil-A is automatically a bad guy because they are a billion dollar corp doestnt make a damned bit of difference. What if it was a small single shop owner in the same town with "eat more chicken" slogan. What the hell does being successful have to do with it? Class warfare chive? really? thought chivers were above that kind of political crap…

  • Yep

    Chick fil a… Just another corporation working hard to kill the American dream on the backs of ignorant Americans. So new upstart businesses can suck it and not even try to thrive in this country anymore. I pray and hope that some day we the people wake up and take this country back from these tyrants and criminals that are stealing the american dream from us. Its just business my ass. It's just evil greed.

    • ALL41

      'Ignorance' is expecting to change mor to more and chikin to Kale and not have to pay royalties to Chik-Fil-A for making money off the hard earned market base that they established. If it wasn't for 'Eat-Mor-Chikin' no one would give two fucks about buying this guy's shirts in the first place. It's not greed, its intellectual property protection. Capitalism works and America is still the shit, we just have to shut people like you up and re-establish work ethic, no longer awarding laziness.

  • dustcircle

    Website adefiantdude is empty

  • mn

    fuckin hippies

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