• Guest

    ehhh, maybe.

    • JohnnyAppleSeed

      except that the 9/11 attacks were not in 2011…try 2001, fools

  • Slavo

    Everytime I see Al Gore I think of Man Bear Pig. Damn you southpark!!!!

    • Slavo

      Whitney Houston should not be on here I'm sorry but the most powerful moment was the 9/11 attacks the months following the tragedy saw Americans put their differences aside it was awesome.

      • USA

        and we united to kill some brown people. FUCK YEAH! USA USA USA!!!!

    • Steers and Queers

      How is the royal wedding more important than W. stealing the 2000 election?!

  • Tito

    Michael Jackson death?

    • Yup

      Its better than Whitney…it's sad she is gone but come on.

  • dragon2777

    What about the moon landing. I don't think anyone didn't watch that. Even people without TVs went over someone's house that did. I wonder how correct these are.

    • Chiver

      and if you watch the last part.. sept. 11th didn't happen in 2011

      • Derp

        Fucxkin A man. Good eyes. This video is shit. Hopefully the ChiVe crew did this as a joke (something for all of us to troll on)…. In the words of "The Critic", Jay Sherman, "IT STICKS!"

    • Jay

      Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!! How is the fall of the Berlin Wall not on this. I remember watching that for like two days!

      • AssHaterson

        Yep. Moon landing should have been #1. Reagan's speech. And Bush the elder's speech about the Berlin wall falling and the cold war ending. This video is shit.

        • Roger

          It's a survey of 1000 Americans. With that in mind, it's not too surprising that bull like the Casey Anthony trial, the royal wedding, the death of Whitney Houston, the BP oil Spill, and the stuff with O.J. were in this. What is closest to memory is what is recalled first.

          • ry_linch

            I'm surprised Kony 2012 wasn't on this shitty list

    • Jesse

      I figured the governments assault on the davidians in Waco, TX would've made it for sure. Maybe I'm wrong.


    The first time man left this world to set foot onto another!!!! Neil Armstrong walking on the moon was the one moment in television that united the world in peace even if it was for a short moment. It showed the good and amazing thing man is capable of. What about Gorbachev announcing the fall of the Soviet Union or JFK and Cuba? This video missed the mark. Chive please take it down before people think its the truth.

    • RFX

      You can't argue with numbers…

  • MIKEG01sf


    • guest

      Yea, Whitney Houston's death over a president of the United States? This is a terrible list

      • Chorel

        Just goes to show that today's generation are a bunch of morons.


    Janet jacksons bewb ?

  • http://twitter.com/DrDrai1122 @DrDrai1122

    The royal wedding and the death of a glorified crack addict who OD'd and drowned herself do not belong on a list with 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Columbine, the assassination of JFK, the LA Riots and the death of Princess Diana.

    • Guest

      Just because a bunch of people died doesnt make it "holy"… Fact is a lot of people watched that stupid royal wedding and same with that cracked out singer. It doesn't mean one is more important than the other… It just means a lot watched guy

    • P90

      The royal wedding is the most viewed TV event ever.

  • travis

    Whitney Houston? Not a chance in hell!

    • limerind

      Recency bias. This was a poll, after all, and it's doubtful they gave respondents time to scour their memories.

      (But yeah, not a chance in hell.)

  • TMC

    September 11th was significant in 2001, not 2011… epic fail

    • DeadRabbit

      good eyes. This whole list was a failure, thrown together randomly by a jackass

      • Derp

        September, 11, 2001 was no doubt the most significant event in television history. You are either ignorant or a jackass to say otherwise. I will say that the death of Whitney Houston seems unappropriate. How about the assination of MArtin Luther King, FDR's address after Pearl HArbor, or even The Rumble in the Jungle. This list is not accurate, but #1 seems correct/ TMC and DeadRabbit are the jackasses. O'Doyle Rules !!

        • anon

          It was a big deal but really only for america where as the moon landing was worldwide…..

        • Joe

          Hey Derp, TMC didn't say it was significant… he /she was pointing out that the year they put in the video was wrong (they put 2011, not 2001).

        • bacon_bits

          They aren't saying it's insignificant. They're saying that it happened in 2001, not in 2011. The video's date is wrong.

        • winningmachine

          They said MOST WATCHED. Pearl Harbor address would probably top the most listened to on the radio. If I recall, there were not a ton of TVs out there in 1941.

        • DeadRabbit

          Derp, slow down before you run off on a hasty comment attacking people. I speak for myself when I agree, that in my time, yes, 9/11 was the most important event in my lifetime. I'm sure TMC can agree. Similar to the bombing of Pearl Harbor was to that generations' citizens. What TMC and I were referring to as a fail was, if you LOOK at the video, in the first 5 seconds, the TITLE for the event at the bottom of the screen read September 11, 2011…..NOT September 11, 2001 when the towers were attacked. THAT error, missing the right date by 10 years was what we were referring to as a fail, not choosing that as number 1.

    • Jeff

      Go to hell you piece of shit

  • DeadRabbit

    How do Whitney or Casey Anthony even make the list? Then again, only asking "around" 1000 people and what do you expect. What's missing: Berlin Wall Crumbling/Reagan's demand, Miracle on Ice, Man Walking on Moon, Tienanmen square protest, "I'm not a crook."

  • Shockteck

    Oswald assassination should be on there, Whitney Houston death over John Lennon Murder and Cobain Suicide? Obama's speech higher than the Kennedy Assassination? How old were the people they surveyed? 1968 alone probably had five things that could been on there. MLK, RFK, the Riots, Black Panther Salute at the Olympics? Maybe Munich Massacre, Waco Siege. Not a fan of the list. How can you pick just twenty.

    • DeadRabbit

      Sadly, with many getting their only news from TMZ/Facebook, I'm not sure how many of those 1000 surveyed could tell you about Munich, Waco, the Salute, Kent State, or many of the big events that occurred longer than 5-10 yrs ago.

    • martytdx

      All good choices. What about the Boxing Day Tsunami, Lockerbie bombing, Munich Olympics… This celebrity wedding/death crap is moronic. Most of this list is crap.

      • Shockteck

        Reagan assassination attempt, It has been said already but the Moon LANDING, Apollo 13, Jonestown, the exit out Vietnam. The opening of the first Iraq war was a big one one for me. This list is just making me watch youtube over and over again.

  • BK1984

    Whitney Houston? Are you kidding me? Who gives a shit? It says that this poll is based off of what Americans believe and the fact that the death of a crack head beat out so many other things that could be on there is embarrassing. I'm surprised that the Kardashian Wedding or Jersey Shore didn't make the list

  • Jake


  • Marcial

    Whitney Huston's death, really? She shouldn't even be on the list. Smh…

    • Dan

      so many great and horrible world events on this list…. and then whitney houston? Lost all credit in my book.

  • Lil Jimmy

    Whitney Houston, are you Fu@#ing kidding me!? No man walking on the moon but we got Whitney Houston and that Stupid Bitch who killed her kid.

    • keithp420

      stupid HOT bitch that killed her kid…

  • Pants


    • Truth

      Yeah that seems like an appropriate response to two strangers getting married, Douche.

  • http://www.facebook.com/trevor.lewis.967422 Trevor Lewis

    dare i say the worst list ever made in the history of lists

    • JuBru

      That distinction belongs to Nazi Germany.

      • true story

        ^ I think they hold a lot of "worst things ever" records.

      • Hans Kleinmarch IV

        That was BEST LIST EVER

  • Romeo

    Most shocking moment in tv was snooki getting pregnant……… made me spit out my drink

    • mktesq

      I can't believe someone would bang her either, let alone get her pregnant.

  • gjdew

    I weep for my country…

  • cyclone 73

    berlin wall, lunar landing, "I'm not a crook", and one of my personal favorites "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

  • Turqie

    Whitney Houston does not belong!

  • The Man

    What about that story about the that made Facebook when he got jacked for his idea?! Seriously a lot of meaningful things left out and ridiculous things added to this BS.

  • bll

    you can clearly see that the 1000 people were americans

    • https://www.facebook.com/mark.bernhard.3 Mark Bernhard

      I'm an American. You can tell because I used the big "A" when I typed in that word. Also, as an American I recognize that half of this list was a joke. You might think so too, but probably not the same half as mine. Anyway, feel free to shut your hole. Thanks.

      • Guest

        americans. Useless.. Can't wait til 2012 to happen and that country will no longer be

        • Hot Carl

          Sounds like somebody is jealous. Understandable that not everybody can bleed red white a blue.

          • 46556

            or lard, liquid cheese, and diabetes.

        • Nostradamus isthatU?

          wait, what? did the Aztecs change their prediction or something? I thought the whole world, or at least civilization as we know it, (depending on your interpretation) was coming to an end. When did they narrow this down to a specific country? Oh wait, your country isn't considered a part of modern civilization and nobody would miss it… gotcha, well when we all go back to the stone age at least you'll already be accustomed to it.

  • Joshua

    I didn't realize the Twin Towers fell last year.

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