A man who was determined to make an airplane his home (11 Photos)

  • basic

    It would kind of make sense if it had been super cheap… but paying that kind of money to live in a narrow tube that you had to re-engineer to make habitable is a bit wacky.

  • SARmedic

    At least get a double decker plane if you are going to live in the thing.

  • https://www.facebook.com/AKParish Andrew Parish

    I don't quite see how living in a tube would be enjoyable

  • Matt

    What an eccentric old kook. $100 says he's single and hasn't had any since the Carter administration. But you ROCK those palates holding up you overpriced tin can!

  • Humph

    I was expecting some sort of Pimp amazing pad of awesomness rather than a pile of shit, ah well

  • injekter

    well……….that sucked………nothing cool about it…. hey your going to have a photo shoot, wanna pick up a little?

    • injekter

      "you are"

  • Underbaker

    A little tight? That is 1690 sqft, just as big as my 3 bedroom house with Kitchen Breakfast area, formal dining, formal living and Den.

  • Cin


  • KCandChroll_On

    I bet this guy gets all the chicks.

  • toogeekyforyou

    So where is the shower? Did he build one in it? What about a kitchen? you see a few pics of the inside but nothing detailed but the toilet. Anyone who has traveled in the summer knows how hot a plane can get, how does he cool or heat that thing? The crates it's stacked on are great, that isn't a trailer park disaster waiting to happen….

  • Hara

    It looks like a homeless shelter inside.

  • Joe

    Dude couldn't get laid if he was in a chickens ass.

  • AB

    Virginity level= 10,000

  • traffic

    if i guess the correct answers who ever your hiding from will see aswell = meaning u wont tell me the correct answers.

  • deeeno211

    #11 ….and then the Ewoks showed up…

  • DB Conor

    Yeah, but every 108 minutes, he has to punch the numbers into a keyboard.

  • Zapazo

    How did the plane got there? Did they crashed it?

  • Gomez98

    It might be cool if he had a living room, kitcken, bedroom in the cockpit or something like that, not just leaving it open like that. But that's just my opinion.

  • Shaggy

    While I'm not totally impressed with what he's done with it, there's a ton of potential. I'd like to see the inside layed out like an giant airstream. Especially if you're going to park it in te woods.

    • guest

      I can see him pulling it behind a pick-up truck on I-40.

  • Bustanut

    He looks like he is a junior hoarder

  • guest

    #3 Why is the floor clear? It looks likd the thing has been stripped. You would have to add air conditioning, power, plumbing because all that runs off the engines and there ain't no engines. A tornado would probably blow this thing further than a trailer house on cement blocks.

  • mike

    #10 It's just like Living in a fort year round

  • djemilio86

    that is awesome!

  • northerner

    Recalling a post on Chive last year of a hotel made from a fuselage of an airliner. That was totally refirbed and looked awesome. Yep, he's got a ton of work to do. As long as the airframe is weather tight, should be adequate shelter. Yes, systems are important, HVAC is a must. If he does it right, partitions the interior into decent rooms and an awesome master bath, great project, great potential. Hope he pulls it off! And #8, they could have left him more of the original instruments! Geez, not like they're rare or classified. And the control yokes and other cockpit equipment, could have been left. Takes away from the uniqueness. Bummer!

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