Athletes back in their younger years (30 Photos)

  • heyguys


  • Luar

    #30 he still looks the same

    • spucifer

      They all look the same.

    • Taco_Depot

      well he's only 6/7/8 yrs older than that picture

    • homeboy

      i think i went to school with that kid

      • Chazz_B

        probably was another

      • Beef

        Palo Alto?

    • wall-e


  • SpecialToast

    #29 If you don't know who that is, kill yourself.

    • Anjin-San

      who is the young guy next to Apollo Creed?

      • Chesterdrawers

        Apollo, that's it, I was way off! Thnx!

        • Dinsdale

          Costa Mesa?

    • Chris

      A major fricken d-bag is who that is! Not sure if he is a batter bball player or asshole, top notch in both for sure.

      • Will

        LMAO haters gonna hate, BALLERS gonna ball

  • uwe

    As an european I have no idea who the most of these people are, so I assume they're baseball player.

    • Jay21

      Don't feel bad. If these were the 30 most famous soccer players, no one in the US would care either.

      • Kelvin Tan

        its called football Jay – not soccer – football. see when aaron rodgers passes it downfield with his right arm (only for jordan shipley to drop it) you can't really call it football. plus football in europe pre-dates gridiron in america by about 50 odd years.
        someone tell me who the hell is roger clemens? is he the steroid munching pitcher who was on simpsons softball espidoe? ken griffey's grotesquely swollen jaw

        • Kelvin Tan

          its called football Jay – not soccer – football. see when aaron rodgers passes it downfield with his right arm (only for greg jennings to drop it) you can't really call it football. plus football in europe pre-dates gridiron in america by about 50 odd years.

          • Slo

            Does it really matter what people call it? Do you also moan about the Australian version of football?

            • davo

              ..and begins the age old tradition of dipshits arguing over the internet

            • drwar41

              the australian version of football has a huge amount of kicking. The only way to score goals is kicking. It has earned the right to be called football.

              Football seems to be the name every sport wants to have for some reason

              • Frank

                When a hooker uses her feet to get me off, I call that football. It's the sport of kings.

        • Eric Steitz

          Shut up

          • Shockteck

            CRIPES! The stupidest argument in sports history. The two sports have nothing in common.

    • Vince

      I only recognise 7 names, and they include Tiger, Lebron and Jordan.

  • Anjin-San

    #16 gotta love this guy

    • D-Wiz

      ugly bastard his whole life lol

      • Eric Walker

        I was thinking the same thing. Seems all the tattoo and piercings actually hide some of the ugly.

  • @DrDrai1122

    #1 love the Pleasant Valley High yearbook! Fuck yeah Chico. Why has theChive not done a Chico State partying "So… you got wasted". One of the best party schools in the country…..

    • DanTheMan

      Yeah until it got ghetto. I used to hit chico a few times a year cant even fuck with it now

      • BigPrich58

        i played with rodgers @ butte CC, and graduated from chico st. chico still is no where near the rest of norcal- chico is a great place to live…

        • Vincent Guzman

          they put him at #1 for a reason, THE GREATEST!!!!

  • drwar41

    #17 i thought these were young photos of athletes, not professional floppers

    • rdpre

      Aint that the 'Truth"

      • r@f

        Before any Lakers fan say anything about flopping, check out your very own Derek Fisher.

    • adam

      That professional flopper has a championship ring…what do you have?

  • Delz

    #22 before the big macs

    • Captain WOW

      Pretty sure the "CC" stands for Chuckie Cheese

    • Med

      i think you mean 40 bowls of Cap'n Crunch a day

  • Germaine 'Wally West' Gaetan

    #26 Grows up to become the owner of many women's hearts and and wearer of their vaginas.

  • fabio

    #24 badass

    • Chim Richels

      I'm sure the daughter that he abandoned feels the same way.

  • Thom Stokman

    Yeah , Im european and I dont know half of them..

    • Frank

      Well, I'm American, and I don't know if I could pick your queen from an old lady lineup. Just sayin.

      • Frank

        Just to clarify, that only applies if you are British. I saw earopean and thats where my mind immediately went.

      • Frank Sinatra

        i'm also American, and i think you should grow up.

  • knowledgeispower

    Nothing about this post was interesting… Sports are for unibrow neanderthals.

    • Catatafish

      u mad bro?

    • BrainScan

      Then why look? lol. Probably a troll.

    • Chim Richels

      Enjoy your comic books.

      • Riley Gibbons

        comic characters are worth more than athletes. u mad sport-tards?

        • Guest

          You do realize comic characters aren't real people riiight?

  • Derp

    #27 ?

    • REEBUS

      looks like lebron james.. i could be wrong

    • King James III

      Its def king james… The picture should be in color he graduated from HS like 4 yrs ago!

    • caleb

      not sure it trolling or retarded….

    • clay

      The look of a man who knows in a few weeks he'll be the #1 draft pick in the NBA, and be able to buy anything and everything he is looking at.

      • clay

        PS – I didn't add that pic of aaron rodgers… wth?

        • the_mike

          PS you put the # and then a number so it shows up.

          Next time do this # 1 (Give it a space)

  • tim

    #12 Badmotherfucker right there.

    • Michael

      Yeah, he was probably tapping dat ass too.

    • where is she now?

      Yea, She looks pretty bad…

    • @JJrrake

      Everytime he gets brain, hes superfly tnt. Hes the guns of the naverone as long as hes gettin domed up everyday

  • cels0_o

    #9 Chachi?

  • Navin R. Johnson

    #28 wonder if she still has that great butt? USA USA USA!

  • Shaft

    #12 #13 I wonder what those ladies are doing after being voted most likely to succeed with two of the highest grossing athletes in America. Talk about peer pressure.

    • Rega

      The girl with Kobe became a doctor

    • Frank

      I'm thinking one of them had sex willingly, and the other one got raped.

    • Urriah O. Aguilera

      they were kinda famous already when they graduated high school..

  • KC & ThunderUp

    #30 Looks the same. Actually, come to think of it, they all look the same…

  • Frankie J

    #12 hanging out with a white girl back then…should have seen all this coming

    • Jake

      Same for #13 and #23

  • NaughtyNinja74

    #30 I swear I went to high school with a kid that looked just like him…

    • Chim Richels

      Everybody went to high school with a kid who looked like that.

  • Average John

    #27 Don't have to label LBJ. He looks the exact same!
    #29 Don't need to label MJ, well because he's MJ….. 🙂

    • D-Wiz

      ya lebron has looked 30 since high school. now he looks 50 with that hairline tryin to get as far from his face as it can haha

    • fernsyla

      LBJ was also not even 10 years ago…

  • sexual chocolate


    • Elena

      That was the same exact thought that came to my mind!

      • homeboy

        ha beat me to it. put your hands together people for jackson heights own mr randy watson!

        • The Woim

          Sexual Chocolate! …"one person slow claps"… Stamps feet: SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!! – Points to crowd with both hands and exits stage left.


  • tflo

    #12 most likely to be finger banging the girl next to him

  • GB_

    #15 Pretty sure DJ taught her a thing or two about a thing or two

    • T-1000

      Kid on the far left is John Connor's boy in T-2… fo' sho'

  • Arvid

    #12 Roberto Alomar?

    • Med

      Good one Arvid…. i would have felt even more comfortable had there been a picture of a little league game with a boy hocking a loogi on an umpire

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