Genius or stupid (37 photos)

  • Richard

    #24 Too bad the 8 cups of water thing is a myth from the 50s.


    #18 Genius!


    JAPNI are world hotest babes look at this

  • Lyra

    LOL, All I can think is: "Ichiban, lipstick for men!"

  • Paul

    #36 Shouldnt it say YOU WILL SHIT YOUR KEY?

  • lonin

    Cthulhu's wine is never dirty.

  • The Yoga Pants Judge

    #27 are these explosive rounds or what? how much are a box of these?
    #4 cut hole in watermelon, stick in vodka or rum (flavored if you want) allow a few hours to drain and soak in, store in fridge, then cut and get shitfaced! KCCO

  • Rememo

    #18 If you're prepping for a colonoscopy, then friggin' genius.

  • kitty_karloso

    #24 That's actually a myth. Most of the water in your diet comes from food. Stuff like fruits and vegetable are largely made up of water. Drinking 2L of water on top of the water from food is really unnecessary.

  • Charlene 'Danger' Gracia

    Favorites: #6 and #11

  • golflimabravo

    #24 Replace with alcohol, then we've got a deal

  • way bummed

    i lnow one chiver hardly matters, but you have lost this one, finally, due to ads. they were fine at first, but now the ads trick you into clicking on them when trying to exit, or dont even give the option to exit. im over it

  • saint

    #4, #19 definitely trying that this weekend

    but #27 and #37 are probably the most genius things of all

  • Marcus

    #25 would make a great bong!

  • marcussam

    #37 Shut up and take my money….!


    #1, #6, #22 Yup, gotta say genius. TAKE MY MONEY!!

    • Butch

      i agree on #22 also – i make them a little different but people do love them for there patios

  • SherpaBob

    #37 My boss came back from his trip to China with a bag full of these for us…wtf

  • joy blog

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  • Bob

    #2, #3, #20, #22, #28…I'd buy them.

  • taylordacty1

    #6 That ass is genius

  • Outlaw

    #1 I honestly have no idea what is accomplished by this. None.

  • MohawkJon

    Does it come in 40oz?
    I am buying this now!

  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    i would refer it BEING LAZZY!so it's Stupid!

  • Tyler

    What is #13? As far as I can tell, it's just a car.

  • Organix

    #10 wtf is that monstrosity? Then again, so crazy looking it might just be genius

    #29 really? really.

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