Little Bean, Big Heart (3 Photos)

On April 13th of this year I posted a photo in the DAR (above) of a little 19 month-old boy named nicknamed Bean, fighting for his life. Born with a quirky anatomy to put it mildly, Bean is a sort of medical mystery. All signs point to an chromosome abnormality but no known syndrome. Before his third surgery, Bean lay unconscious with his lucky green KCCO egg and a little advice from Yoda. His mother, Melikahiwa, asking the Chivers only for some positive thoughts and prayers.

Since I posted the photo hundreds of Chivers have written me asking for an update. I finally have it:

And finally, one my favorite photos I’ve ever posted on this site. It shows Bean last weekend, on his second birthday, walking the pediatric hall of Hopkins with a huge IV after his surgery. Thanks to the elite doctors at Hopkins and the giant will of one little Chiver, Bean is better now. His mother exclaimed, “John, my precious Bean is fixed.”

The photo of Bean in his black KCCO is now framed in the new pediatric wing at Johns Hopkins.

  • Jessie Lee

    🙂 My lil man.

  • da goober

    the chive on any given day is wonderful but its post like these that makes this site "someting more". Bean my thoughts and prayers are with u and ur Mother. May GOD keep you & as always…CHIVE ON!!!!

  • Dave

    Humanity across the land needs more inspiration from lil Bean…..i can't remember the last time I've welled up but having 2 young girls….I can only TRY and comprehend your current anguish…just know that your pics have tremendously inspired even the strongest of mens tearducts…bean, you keep growing Champ. DJ

  • Ryan Brown

    Glad the lil guy is doing well!! Kcco bean

  • T_Gregg

    Chive on little buddy. The ONLY thing that could have made this better is if BFM would have shown up at the hospital to visit.

    • Melikahiwa SlumberQueen Paulson

      Hahaha I'll have to email him next time we go inpatient. IF we go inpatient… hoping those days are over.
      ❤ KCCO

      • T_Gregg

        We are all hoping those days are over! may you and the entirety of your family forever KCCO

        • Melikahiwa SlumberQueen Paulson

          Thanks. I think they Nailed it with this last round… Time will tell

  • Melikahiwa SlumberQueen Paulson

    Wow. All the Chive love has made me all watery eyed over and over today. Thank you all so much.
    He is such a blessing. And in reality, we have met so many other children with much worse obsticals in their way. I just hope their parents find TheChive to help get them through too.
    Much Love ❤ KCCO ❤
    May- Beanie's Mom.

  • willbar

    the best photo ever posted

    • Bean's Mom

      Thanks! He's the best baby too! Charming the nurses as I type. (Spiked a High fever, just have to check blood and such to confirm he is ok)

  • wrenchs10

    Your a Rock Star Little Chiver. ROCK ON Keep Calm and Chive ON!!!!!!

  • HoneyB

    Little Bean, you don't even know how many lives you just touched! Happy second birthday little guy.

  • BigKen

    What a great story. All the people that say doctors make too much money should read this. I say some doctors don't make enough!

  • Kevin Tensfeldt

    Chive on little dude!

  • jonnybakes

    Stupid dust in my office. It's getting everywhere – esp. my eyes.

  • Jason Baird

    KCCO Bean. Your story brough a tear to my eye and wamred my heart at the same time.

  • Neps1982

    How brave lhis little guy is..
    He warms my heart!!

    KCCO little Bean

  • coolaid

    thanks to elite doctors. and god bless you boy..

  • Swingindoom

    A truly amazing kid!!! It makes me grateful for what I have…

  • NowGoingBackToWork

    Awesome god bless and wish him the best.

  • Raider Red

    Atta boy Bean!!! Tuff little man!


    That last pic really kills. Awesome little guy. Can we set something up to get this kid a gift of help with some bills? Keep up the great work, Guys.

  • andy

    Cute kid inspiration to us all chive on xx

  • Jets

    A few tears as I Chive today. Great story. Little Bean is in my thoughts and prayers. He looks like a tough little dude, a true inspiration.

  • Art

    Bean is da man, well big boy! One has to love a story like that. Go Bean go!!!!!

  • CarMarked

    Chive on Little Man!!!!

  • hannah

    You go bean! What an awesome little dude! This one brought tears to my eyes.

  • happyclampopper

    This embodies a whole new meaning to KCCO
    Keep Children Chiving On

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