Little Bean, Big Heart (3 Photos)

On April 13th of this year I posted a photo in the DAR (above) of a little 19 month-old boy named nicknamed Bean, fighting for his life. Born with a quirky anatomy to put it mildly, Bean is a sort of medical mystery. All signs point to an chromosome abnormality but no known syndrome. Before his third surgery, Bean lay unconscious with his lucky green KCCO egg and a little advice from Yoda. His mother, Melikahiwa, asking the Chivers only for some positive thoughts and prayers.

Since I posted the photo hundreds of Chivers have written me asking for an update. I finally have it:

And finally, one my favorite photos I’ve ever posted on this site. It shows Bean last weekend, on his second birthday, walking the pediatric hall of Hopkins with a huge IV after his surgery. Thanks to the elite doctors at Hopkins and the giant will of one little Chiver, Bean is better now. His mother exclaimed, “John, my precious Bean is fixed.”

The photo of Bean in his black KCCO is now framed in the new pediatric wing at Johns Hopkins.

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  • Morana

    Sending lots of love to this litlle fighter 🙂

  • Floyd

    God bless little Bean and his parents..

    • Bean's Mom

      Thank You!
      God did bless this SuperMom, Bean is a blessing! You'd have to meet him to understand, but he is just so full of life and love…

  • Jenn

    What an amazing little boy! My heart also goes out to his family – what a challenge to spend your child's first 2 years this way. What about financial challenges? This medical stuff is beyond expensive. Do they need our help?

    • Bean's Mom

      Thanks for the thought ❤
      We manage; there are so many more kids out there far worse than him. Can't turn TheChive into a charity for sick kids, if they help one they may get inundated with requests for help.
      Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation (look it up on Facebook) is in a contest to get the most votes… Chivers could just use their clicking power to get $3,500 for the foundation ??
      ❤ KCCO ❤ Bean's Mom

  • LouisVw

    What a champ! Chive on little Bean! *tears* *sniff*sniff*

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  • Jammy

    Awesome! Keep Fight'n little bean!!

    • Bean's Mom

      Have to admit I'm pretty freaking stoked he is on the Awesome Links Around The Web!
      He is one Awesome little man!

  • Chive FAN

    Came to file third inquiry about my refund and found these photos…What an amazing, awesome story …. good thoughts always to BEAN!!

  • matt

    ive been spreading this story like herpes, amazing story, great pictures as well. So much positive energy on this site sent to that kid, great job chivers/chivettes

    • Bean's Mom

      thanks, from Bean's Mom ❤

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