No context needed (29 Photos)


    Why is #11 so hilarious? I laughed too hard at it.

  • ramborabbitryan

    #24 How many cookies in a box??? MA! MA!!! We gonna need more milk!… I never know what she's doing back there…

  • Rusty b

    #1 krusty?

  • texaschiver

    #23 it WAS difficult, but I was finally able to masturbate to this.

  • Paul

    #24 Lost a bet, I hope.

  • Pwnapotamus

    #21 My family vacation photos had a lot less cock involved.

  • TightButthole

    #12 Would have been better if it was a panda moshpit gif

  • Robin West

    #16 it’s called tuping (don’t ask)

  • soapybuttcheeks

    #15 constantly,Is that not normal?

  • Random_Torontonian

    Drod: Roughrider Nation

  • This guy

    #24 those boots are hideous

  • Doug

    #5. Bunsen Honeydew?

  • TigerLily2012

    #16 is going to give me nightmares.

  • Bananaman

    Oh man, who posted #6? That's definitely my car and banana man that I found someone throwing away.

  • mike

    #4 ah, that awkward moment at work.

  • That-guy

    #37. Find Her. I need to change my tire.

  • dandude

    #7 why is he so angry! car driver must have just ate his friend

  • Paul Chuchmuch

    #1 is a real life Krusty the Clown, he just wants to make people laugh.

  • MeanGuy1

    Number 5,
    blind fold – successful.

  • t money

    #1 no one is going to call out the simpsons reference here?

  • Ian Aiton

    #26 Dude thats my County Fair. Bad ass. Calaveras County Fair Jumping Frog Jubilee.

  • guest

    the first one is just a kid dressed up for the Jewish holiday of Purim.
    please, educate yourselves.

  • fgj ekla

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  • bulletstopper

    #12 Pandamonium

  • MohawkJon

    Mario Mario's dating profile picture…
    "I'ma justa looking for my princess."

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