The mind-bending sculptures of Alan Gibbs’ farm (27 HQ Photos)

Marijke De Goey – The Mermaid

Via Twistedsifter

  • Adam

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  • Jeremy Inskip

    He's always been my favourite BeeGee.

  • sito1002

    #7 #8 I wonder if this sounds with the wind

    • David

      And you thought vuvuzelas were annoying

  • Whiskyb

    May have money but certainly no taste

  • Scotty

    #11 – find her, the one on the left …

  • mojomojo444

    Its a themepark for the eyes

  • SARmedic

    I'd love to see his place in person, those sculptures are fantastic!

  • Black6dog

    Real life is like Minecraft, with more pixels

  • Poke4Life

    How is this "art"??

  • WTF Mate

    What a fucking waste…

  • wainui

    Even better is the fact he also designed amphibious car. and drives around his land …. in a tank.

  • ZippoDoomBox

    This is the kind of stuff our future generation will dig up some day and think its an Alien structure used for interstellar travel.

  • sureman123

    I need one of those Mosquito zappers in my yard!!

  • Bob

    Looks like the setting of some weird '70's TV show. or some weird Japanese puzzle game.

  • Gator

    thank you for sharing that. Want MOAR!

  • Art

    How is everyone not delighted by the coloured cubes in the field?

    And for the haters, there is nothing natural about that landscape. Unless you're an idiot and you think farmland is natural.

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