• poopstainsonyourmom

    Pretty douchey.

  • traffic

    suppose the pubes sauce didnt do owt for anyone, arh well ive still got my right hand (mean left hand) womins (somewhere)… maybe…… call me

  • Mojofotoman

    Devilishly funny.. gj guys!

  • Karen

    Oh John you are just too cute. ^_^

  • Texaschiver

    Ha! Awesome…

  • VTChivette

    Alec is sexy, with or without the haircut 😉

  • anthony

    Who is the girl playing cards beginning of the video

  • @kanji_sasahara

    I have a feeling that if I had a good look at her up close my brain would shut down in trying to absorb her hotness. Happened once when I saw Emma Watson, glad she didn't talk to me since I would make a complete fool out of myself.

  • Birdhaus32

    "How absorbant are you?"

  • pyrosis

    Do a photoshoot with the hair stylist. She's pretty hot.

  • Shawni

    lamfo alec you rock and this chivette thinks you look Extra devilishly handsome now 😉

  • guest

    how many fingers and how many toes do you count in this picture?

  • Jim

    That's total bullshit. Man was snookered hard.

  • Koolguy

    I was hoping ur was strip poker and she didnt know how to play and he was a really good player

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