Women: Logic need not apply (30 Photos)


    #17 = DUDES

  • SharkWeek

    Can you imagine the period she would have? End of the world stuff right there.

  • dochandy

    #1 #14 #20 WITH FIRE!!!

  • culpjp

    #16 All you need is some Patron,and those panties would be off in a flash!

  • ItsMeeJv

    #17 Dudes…

  • hmmmmmmmmm

    #16 tell her your rich and all 7 pairs get wet

  • RFX

    #28 Meanwhile, In Israel…

  • Vols fan

    #1 NO, NO, NO….

  • Jugawhat?

    If #20 is a real Juggalette then she must be the queen at all the juggalo gatherings.

  • http://www.anthony-tyler.com Anthony_Tyler


    Christ on crackers! Right off the bat and who do I see?

    My niece.


    • FunKiller

      You're related to that? Is this a normal look for her?

  • http://www.anthony-tyler.com Anthony_Tyler


    …and those are tweeters.


    I prefer woofers. Give me WOOFERS!!!

  • Sade

    #11 Just observing, so that she could do it right.

  • tv_paul

    #2 She's wanted (wanted)..dead or alive.

  • tv_paul

    #16 I hope this isn't some fetish version of the Golden Corral's the chocolate waterfall .

  • TylerDurdenUMD

    #1 is some Japanese thing where they make fun of the stereotypical blonde/tan American skanks (my personal term for them: "Whoranges"). While it looks stupid, context makes a huge difference.

    • Timmah

      +1 for Whoranges

  • oilfield bill

    #26 can sit on my face!!!! Lol

  • Tim

    #30 I hate the WNBA

    • ChivetteLover


  • rideroftoha


  • John

    Except none of these have anything to do with Logic…at all…


  • Average John

    #4 Nice tweeters……

  • N M

    You a stupid hoe, you a you a stupid hoe
    You a stupid hoe, you a you a stupid hoe
    You a stupid hoe, you a you a stupid hoe
    You a stupid hoe, you a you a stupid hoe
    You a stupid hoe, yeah you a you a stupid hoe
    You a stupid hoe you a you a stupid hoe
    You stupid stupid, you a stupid hoe

  • Katie

    #25 I see nothing wrong with this

  • MaD MaiN3

    #10 this is where I need to be at!

  • John Daniel

    #20 some how I find this strangely arousing. I've always wanted to be able to say "remember when I fucked that clown faced chick with the mohawk and the possum as a pet. The only chick I've ever has ever let me stick my balls in her ass."

    • Professor Squeegee

      I didn't notice she was holding a possum. I saw the neck-less guitar and figure she broke it pretending to be a rock star. Everything is just wrong in this pic..

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #6 lefty is well put together. moar.

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