• Michael

    Hell yes i have been listening to this all morning

    • Dick Salad

      He's like a black Eminem

      • greg

        Closer to MLK jr. Set your people free.

    • Erroll

      Yep, totally agree with the artist. Good stuff, hope it reaches out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/josh.hebert.5099 Josh Hebert

      I'm a metalhead through and through, but even I enjoyed this.

      • Squints

        Same here man

    • Meowmix

      Usually I don't like these new types of "rappers" like Tyler the Creator (and the rest of OMGWTFBBQ or whatever their name is). I think they're pathetic, attention-starved douchebags, but this and Hopsin's other "Ill Mind" songs are incredible.

      • http://www.facebook.com/vincent.guzman.54 Vincent Guzman


        • Dick Salad

          Yea he was probably singing about someone like you huh? Umadbro?

  • Jezdezpez

    This is the truth! so many wanna-be "gangstas" these days, it's getting old and annoying.

    • Sweetness

      Not just "gangstas", society as a whole. If Romeny really wanted to win, he would make this his theme song. He calls out everybody, lazy ass mother fuckers, dumb ass hoes, blacks that give blacks a bad name and even stupid as rappers. This is going on repeat!!!!

      • steelo

        look at the oxy poppin heron screamio punks in the video. those are thugs theyre drug addicts an trash

  • WhompWhomp

    By "off the beaten path" do you mean the front page of reddit?

    • jimstarswagg

      Or the front page of his YouTube channel.. Just sayin..

    • DaveStinson316

      Which is fine for those of us who don't go to reddit, ever.

    • thedude325

      It's a message worth spreading.

    • Grant

      Fuck, man, give it up. I don't go to Reddit. Who the fuck cares where this is first posted? Am I uncool because I go to the Chive instead of Reddit? You're exactly like big media who do whatever they can to "break" a story before anyone else…I for one do not give two shits where this originated from. I still like it.

      • Matt

        It didn't originate on reddit, it's just an indication that the video is more popular than the title of this post suggests. The fact that it is on both means good things for Hopsin.

      • WhompWhomp

        I was taking a jab at Reddit by referring to it as "the beaten path". Dumb fucks.

        • http://www.facebook.com/marksantiagorea Mark Rea

          Sorry, didn't realize. I gave you a thumbs up here to make up for the thumbs down up there.

        • Grant

          No you weren't. Don't try to weasel out of this now, douche.

  • Nick

    Well said

    • ricky

      you're not worth,
      you're cock thirsty;
      you're disgusting
      and probably got herpes!


    Finally? Silly Bob. You say it as if there has never been an artist that ever spread real messages in Hip Hop.

    • TheJesus

      My thoughts exactly…hell, rap started off with good messages back in the day. Even during the height of gangsta rap in the 90's you had groups like Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul finding a lot of success.

      • Juicy Gucci

        Soulja Boy tell em.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Th3d0n Lyndon Franks

      only real hip hop has a message, even listen to grandmaster flash's 'The Message'. That was the first hip hop track which had a strong message.

  • mooberries


  • The Ps

    I get it what he's trying to say.. but a bit judgmental with a lot of generalizations.

    • thedude325

      No. He was pretty spot on.

    • mick0311


    • Mr.Eff

      God forbid we be judgmental of these entitled douchebag kids who do nothing and think they're better than everyone. I think they should teach this song in high school.

    • boom shva

      generalizations are pretty much all we have to communicate… (thats a generalizetion itself….)

  • https://www.facebook.com/chrisdemunbrun Christopher DeMunbrun

    Great Lyrics + Great Rap Skills = Message Delivered

    Now I hope no one shoots this guy!

    • Sanchez

      I was thinking the same thing while watching the video

    • Ethix

      He's already called out so many rappers, especially Game and Lil Wayne

      • Jere

        Good. At least HE has the guts to call them out.

  • drbman

    great public service announcement! and freaky contact lenses!

  • piscean

    Been right with hopsin since ill mind of hopsin 1. Cool to see him pop up on my favorite website. Kcco brehs

    • Cool

      No way! You knew him before this??!!! You are the coolest!!!!

      • a-nom

        This is what hipsters have done…piscean is just proud of seeing an artist they've followed finally getting some recognition and that is considered in a negative fashion? You're obviously wicked awesome yourself. Quit being a douche.

    • TomatoTipper

      Same here but I guess if you suppored or been a fan of someone longer you're automatically classified as a damn hipster. Fucking hipsters…

      • TomatoTipper


        • Red_Joker

          Nah, but talking about it like its an accomplishment makes you a hipster.

    • joe

      Brehs….? Really?

  • Matt


  • Still Rap

    Sounds like cRap to me.

    • greg

      Go back to the kitchen.

    • Still Awesome

      You probably just love CUNTry. He has talent regardless of the genre. Open your ears and appreciate the message.

    • Tom

      Only because you're probably one of the shit for brains he's talking about… True message behind it… And of course you couldn't see it… Label him a hater or something of the sort because deep down he offended you in some way… Beat it dude, seriously… And if youre gonna reply that I'm a hater or you're so successful and have this and that, save it dude, do t waste your time… You could be out doing something productive

  • Ford

    I have to say that this is one of the truest raps that I have heard in a long time. In the city that I live in kids are getting shot and killed weekly. The parents are always on TV crying about how they were great kids, went to church, and were aspiring rappers. The clubs are full of people that work at walmart, McD, BK, and what not chasing girls throwing money around, they are only seen in the clubs 2-4 times a month. I have to say good skills, great message, very well put together. Lets see if when this goes viral if he changes his tune and lyrics!

    • http://www.facebook.com/bj.lincoln Bj Lincoln

      I agree. I am not a fan of rap but I am a fan of a well said and much needed message. This young man does have skills.I hope his massage gets heard.

    • Sweetness

      It's already viral,

      12,000,000 other people agree!

    • undergroundhiphop

      yea i was gonna say hopsin has been out for quite a while now.

  • fact checker

    as a result of seeing this I am actually looking up the artist

    • FiddleMeThisBatman

      Funk Volume. dont forget SwizZz and Dizzy Wright.

      • TomatoTipper

        Swizzz sucks, hate his voice.

        • sean

          SwizZz is cool. Dizzy blows

  • Steve

    Its not going to stop

  • Ben

    Solid rhyme, strong message, good post

  • mrkerrdontplay

    if you're looking for meaningful societal commentary and deep philosophy out of hip hop

    you're gonna have a bad time

    • Rob

      You've never listened to Nas then.

      • The_Dood

        Or Sage Francis…

        • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

          or B. Dolan, or the new Killer Mike, or El-P or lets go back and talk about NWA or Public Enemy even.

          • Ethix

            Or Brother Ali, or Bliss N Eso, or Big L, or Atmosphere, or Immortal Technique or Grandmaster Flash… the list goes on and on

            • white-flour

              Or Black Star (mos def and talib), cise star, the roots.

              • B_Error

                Tribe. Common, and Blackalicious as well

                • TJ_Designs

                  How about the new age rap of Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, School Boy Q, & Lupe Fiasco

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Duck

      You sound like a moron.

    • JOE DOE

      you're ignorant all you know is the pop side of hip-hop
      you probably bump the radio every time you get into a car

      • mrkerrdontplay

        seeing that my user name is an obvious homage to project pat, i think it's easy to decipher what kind of music i like. i'm from the south. i like classic southern rap.

        and i was being facetious. if you like lyrical hip hop, good for you. i'm not making indictments, just trying to have fun in between meetings. apologies.

    • Trollspotter

      If you're browsing a popular website in order sound like a condescending dbag because people just like a song that has a decent message…

      ….you're gonna have a bad time

  • Nick

    Mind…. Blown. Finally a real nigga with some skill spitting the truth!

    • Industry Music

      There have been plenty of those. Only problem is the industry doesn't want t99% around. Rather pump out factory made bubble gum rappers who all say the same shit.

  • Toba

    Reminds me of Atmosphere's "You Played Yourself".

    Good tune though.

    • tim

      Yes. And "The Things That Hate Us". Good group there.

  • tv_paul

    I think it was great social commentary and true message but I think unfortunately kids will still emulate all the things he's speaking against about until they realize what huge mistakes they made.

    • llcolej

      Couldn't agree more! I'm not saying some won't benefit from this message and other reminders of what the world has in store, but without some type of reform things will continue to become progressively worse.

    • Tom

      They'll learn one day and by that time just hope they can turn it around… I did, anyone can, you just have to realize that it's no way to live your life… High school, yea, do dumb shit here and there, probably lose your virginity, smoke some weed…. After that real life starts, pick up the pieces you have and run as fast as you can to a goal, a dream, or something you desire to have in life!

  • Matt

    Wish I could give it two thumbs up!!!

  • Sparks10

    Wow! Somebody finally changed rap lyrics

    • IamwhoIam

      Hate to tell you he's far from the first with an educated mind and a positive outlook

  • Jquick

    Ill mind of hopsin 3 is the best out of all of them

    • Ethix

      I don't know, 4 was pretty sick

  • FoolOfATook

    At least someone gets it, too bad that song will never be allowed to hit the mainstream.

    • Mark

      Front page of Reddit and TheChive = millions of viewers, pretty close to mainstream…

    • timmy

      im subscribed to hopsins youtube channel, it will get mainstream becasue hes on the freshman issue of xxl magazine and this video has 600,000 views in 16 hours, and because of thechive and reddit

  • jayd

    Hate how he steals eminems style

    • jayd

      if you think i'm lyin…still good rapper though, just get your own style imo

      • B_Error

        Agreed he is using an Emininem-like flow on this song. The difference being is Hopsin's style changes from song to song. i.e. "Pans in the kitchen"

    • Thunderhorse

      his voice sounds like eminem, that's about it. If anything he's more like tyler the creator with his style.

      • TomatoTipper

        How is he like Tyler the creator? He disses him all the time.

        • http://www.facebook.com/eric.e.diaz.7 Eric Esp Diaz

          eminem stole cage's style lol if anything rappers are copies of each other

      • https://www.facebook.com/tristan.bernst Tristan Bernst

        hopsin is a emenem fan and has beef with tyler the creator

        look up ill mind of hopsin 3

        • TJ_Designs

          Hell, Tyler is almost directly like Eminem during the Slim Shady LP times

    • David Bowen

      He raps with his own style. You don't just go grocery shopping for someone's style and decide to call it your own. It's not his fault that his style is similar with Eminem's.

      Fucking ignorance.

    • dshu

      He rips eminem apart in one of his songs

      • OFT1989

        No he doesn't. Eminem is probably the only mainstream rapper he hasn't dissed

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