• NowGoingBackToWork


  • Avery

    This will be on repeat for most of my day

  • Bryan

    pretty badass

  • Guest

    Glad to see rap has finally got it's first Republican.

  • Trav

    Hopsin has a couple Lp's out : Raw, and Gazing at the moonlight check them out if this kind of stuff intrigues you.

  • The Man

    Should win evey award at the Grammys this year. Good on you young man! Thanks for saying everything I try to teach my children as they're blinded by society.

  • MissFinn

    I'm a rock chick, but I gotta say I'm impressed. Dude's got talent!

  • David

    Put this on iTunes, Ill buy it.

  • Adaney

    Isn't this the description of almost everyone on the chive

  • danny

    kendrick Lamar, Ab-soul and Mos Def also have good meanings to most of their music

  • chargers suck

    sure guys are going to try and fuck every girl they see, its how were programmed. whats wrong with weed, you work 40 hour weeks? probably not. nice to relax with a joint after a long work week.

    • FarmBoy

      "you work 40 hour weeks?" The entire song he is criticizing those who don't, those people who are just trying to coast by and all they do is smoke weed and try to bang girls.

  • Robert

    Finally another RAPPER with meaningful LYRICS!! This guy should make a song with Eminem!!

  • illWill

    Wow. That bedroom looked awfully familiar to some of the ones I remember from my younger days. Great message through and through.

  • Ross

    "Your video will start after this advertisement."

    There isn't a rap song out there worth listening to if I have to wait for it by sitting through an ad, I don't care how good he is.

  • billyjack13

    Rap Sucks….

  • Juggalinko

    Hell yea hopsin is the shit bout time he gets some recognition

  • http://www.facebook.com/blake.rice.9889 Blake Rice

    Yes Yes Yes!

  • Nate Franklin

    Yeah, FINALLY a rap song with the message that black people suck and should totally act more like white people…this is unforgivably horrible, and I am just straight up done with The Chive for posting this.

    And the overwhelming support in the comments just goes to show that The Chive fan base is made up of ignorant white kids who think that as long as a black guy calls black people stupid and slutty and immoral, we can totally cheer him on.

    • TikwandoJames

      100% agree, except with being done with The Chive.

    • FarmBoy

      He's not only criticizing black people he is criticizing all of those that claim swag and don't do anything with their life, every race has people like that.

    • FarmBoy

      Have you seen this generation, or all for that matter? Blindly follow the top artist no matter what message. Like he said these kids are claiming stacks like if they are magically going to appear.

  • Leigh

    Love it!

  • Buffalo

    Personally, I am not a big fan of Rap but, this dude has a good message and I think it is worth listening to and heeding the advice given. By the way… what does NSFW mean?? Sorry for being a little out of it but I had to ask. THANKS

    • FarmBoy

      Not Safe For Work

  • Larry

    Now that was hot.

  • troy


  • https://www.facebook.com/WickedGame87 Amber Fervidus O'Neil

    THANK YOU. This is a message that needs to be spread around more.

  • patrick

    KEEP CALM AND PARTY ON poster in the back behind the tv

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