Good parenting: Nailed it (35 Photos)

  • Lou

    #10 My favorite. How can anyone think this is okay?

  • ChiveMaster

    #9 Isn't that a dog?

  • DiamondXP

    #32 is funny and distrubing at the same time. Anyone else having trouble tapping this?

  • LP0716

    DAS BOOT!!!!

  • steve

    #33 could she not be any cuter

  • yfrwegrye

    #35 that guy is gross!! he looks like SLOTH from the back………….

  • Tim

    #35 i want that shirt

  • ahhhhhfuckyou

    #23 The next time I see a kid on a leash I'm cutting it so they can run away from their dumb ass parent.

  • Benny

    #16 FINISH HIM!!!!

  • pennywise79

    #25 I had a hard time seeing the fail, then I noticed the NJ plates.

  • Tori

    #23 I dont see what wrong with it. I was put on a leash when I was little, I'd do it to my kid if I could control them

  • Zuke

    It's going to take about a minute for that baby in #29 to get fried…

    Also, while I hate little children, you know what I hate more? Dumbasses, like in #35. It's just like…is there some reason that's supposed to be funny or clever or something? Or is that shirt really as fucking stupid as I think it is?

  • scuba

    Most of these pics are either funny or a little off-beat, but the dads from 10 and 15 should have the shit beaten out of them for promoting that kind of behavior to their daughters. If you disagree but don't have a daughter, then stfu.

  • Aaron


  • Josh Baraniak

    #35 is a shirt for a Harrisburg Pa area band called Emily Toybox, it's nice to see some local shit on the site, even if it is in a bad parenting thread haha.

  • philosopherdave

    #24 is my favorite! If you look at the monitor you can see the guy is playing World of Warcraft too! (sad that I know that….)

  • electric boogalo

    #23 I'm with you kid, who the fuck wants to go shopping?

  • Al Gore

    what's wrong with #33? I think it's actually pretty cute, probably Halloween. I invented the internet for adorable pictures such as this.

  • Erik

    #16 at first i thought the girl was holding a stuffed animal elephant

  • zgl

    #18 LOL! #20 just how?

  • notall nu

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  • waltgator

    #32 cocos big tits make it ok

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  • MohawkJon

    I downloaded everyone of these but #30 made me crap myself ;,)

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