• DrC

    Snakes defanged

  • John

    YouTube link for this video:

  • Phil

    That room needs a serious amount of gas and fire.

    You PETA supporting idiots need to grow up.

  • nick

    Jesus, you yankie doodles are so ignorant. I couldn't carry on reading the replies in case I killed myself so not sure if it was brought to your limited attention already… ALL THE COBRAS IN THIS VIDEO HAVE BEEN DEFANGED!!! Kinda like a redneck crackhead gumming you to death.

  • Mike

    When he grabs the snakes he's partually defanging them, those are the one that still have some fang left.

  • Anomanom

    It's hillarious. It's like he's shopping the cobra clearance bin. Too long, too short, got stuff on it.

  • Mittens

    not sure if he has balls or it just cruel :l

  • aj_w

    i bet indiana jones had this guy with him instead of Gimli…or treebeard…sallah or whatever his name was.

  • RTMonkey

    They pull the fangs out so they will not get bit. The snakes die a few days later from it but they are not short on them by any means. So they look fearless and tuff… But really they know they will not be but and end up being killed by the cobra.

  • Slcguy

    It's a snake farm at a restaurant. People buy the snakes for dinner just like the lobster tank at an expensive restaurant.

  • Nromas Irsnub

    Why is this dude playing with the food?

  • Someone

    The're a bunch of stupid cunt here enjoying this video…

  • Joe

    I just don't really get the concept. What's the job title here? What's his end game? Is he the guy who decides when the snakes are ripe?

    And to those who direct their hate at the Chive for posting an "animal cruelty" video: why not thank the Chive for bringing it to your attention. If you love animals that much, this is just what you need to start your crusade for the mistreated, noble cobra. Go out and explain to the demons responsible for this that they are wrong. I'm sure they'll understand.

  • suicide silence fan

    so when he hits them and throws them is that considered animal abuse?

  • john

    So a dude comes up to this guy and says "hey man, wanna get in a snake pit and pick up cobras and throw them around the room?" and dude says "ya man that sounds like a good time."

  • Sancho

    Busted out laughing when he slapped that cobra on the back if the head!! Lmao!!

  • Mahmoudy

    Shortround has grown up

  • Randellj1324

    You PETA fags need to shut the hell up. It's a cobra who gives two shits if their dead or alive. And I to also believe that they have been defanged how many of you pussies that are talking shit would have got in there and done that?


    they probably have removed teeths..its common practice, nothing special…
    but have to agree the guy is a douche

  • Bigdick

    How does he not get bit???

  • Coral Fincher

    So… as a note…the guy doesn't have any balls at all. none of those cobras had fang. In there country, they capture the snakes from the wild(cause there is a SHIT TON of them there) and rip there fangs out, which to the snake is equal to getting your wisdom teeth pull with not pain kill or drug. The cobras still contain poison, but have no way to release it. These guys were most likely picking snakes to do a snake show with. Sad for the snakes, but its there culture.

  • MohawkJon

    Best part… Dudes wearing sandals.

  • troy

    All the fangs have probally been ripped out.

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