Peter Pan had it right.. (42 photos)

  • Misterkleen79

    #42 Man… now I understand inflation but when I was a kid, there's no way I got money like that for Christmas. Even in Canadian money!!!

  • Leo Stenbuck

    #14 you got it all wrong… keep trying…

  • evo ivo

    #10 wouldnt it technically be in the uterus?

    • NelPit

      But that (usually) IS where it all begins and ends

    • Aurora01

      That's what I was thinking. Stupid excuse to put the word "vagina" on a baby's onesie.

  • Steve Grenier

    #31 is probably not a joke.

    • dee

      It's not… They're everywhere in NY playgrounds, and mean; if you're not here with a kid, you shouldn't be in a playground for kids, creepy weirdo…

  • bisketz

    Whats #24 from?

    • kenny

      I'm pretty sure it is one of the look who is talking movies, but not 100%

  • bz1

    #10 Aren't we all? 😉
    #19 Hmm, I think you are correct…and he was also trying to replicate having you!

  • JoeyW311

    #24 geez she got mad at her mom telling her not to use the dog brush on her hair. Lol

  • Oklahomie

    #15 Mutton Busting…sometimes I know exactly how Shelton f/ Big Bang Theory feels. God bless Oklahoma. Do they do this for fun in every state?

    • Simon

      This is my Girlfriend's nephew… How they got this pic is beyond me. It's in Manitoba Canada!!!

      • Oklahomie

        Right on, that's cool you do this in Canada! He looks like he's having a blast. I did this as a kid at state fairs and enjoyed it more than fried food. Chive on dude.

  • Bradyized

    #9 This is exactly how my child will be. And by that, I mean awesome.

  • jrod

    my sister is pregnant and I was praying for a post like this to show her, she is gonna have to be prepare. thanks chive!!!

  • aclott06

    What is #24 from? A movie right??

    • AggieRob

      One of the "Look Who's Talking" films. Dunno which

      • aclott06

        I think you're right!! That was driving me crazy. 🙂

  • skyfireCO

    O Aunt Clara, what did you do?! #22

  • lol

    #14 So that's how gingers are made!

  • NCChiver

    #42 is me when I get my pay check then realize i have to pay rent and bills

  • TubularTom

    And the cradle will rock. #9

  • ORChiver

    #17 Rock on little chiver! #18 the child of Arnold and the maid? Either way she's going to save America from terrorists one day. #27 The force is strong with this chiver!

  • Verbal_Kint

    these were great. reminds me of the time i left some paint and a roller out when my kids were very young. My sliding glass door, floor, hutch and plasma tv looked awesome when they were done. The painted each other up from head to toe as well.

  • Vert

    #7 come at me bro

  • AggieRob

    #18 This is why we can't have nice things…

  • HTownDude

    #29 what is that, must have!

  • MattKL

    #16 This kid is going to grow up to be awesome.

  • special J

    #1 You will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep. You're in my world now, baby!

  • boblaublaugh

    #4 – No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!

  • The Cat's Ass

    so cute!

  • Burley

    #40 for the of the shire please get moar

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