Peter Pan had it right.. (42 photos)

  • Bryan_W

    #42 I did that with a $100 bill once

  • yfrwegrye

    #30 awesome costume!

  • missclary

    #24!! i cannot get enough! favorite movie as a kid.

  • Frenchguyfromcanada

    #8 Is it me or he draw a penis in his face ?

  • Schawing

    hilarious thread lol

    #42 – you can feel that kids pain lol he world came to a crashing halt

  • Woah buddy not funny

    Pedobear approves this post.

  • genius

    #4 now imagine a half-naked man standing with his crotch that close to a little girls face….. see double standards….

  • Trento

    What movie is #24 from?

  • Zuke

    That's right #10, make sure to put the stupid shit on them before they get old enough to realize how retarded their parents are and learn how to call the police, as I'm pretty sure making your child wear clothing like that is considered child abuse in every state but Nevada.

    Heh, I used to know a kid named Nevada. He was pretty odd, but most people would be too if they had to grow up with a name like that.

  • @bricfox

    #37 – too funny!!!!!!!!!! Got to build that tolerance from an early age!!!

  • mhuard5

    I've never felt the need to comment on the third page, but #5's level of awesome cannot be overlooked!

  • Ian Martin

    21 Costconians?

  • Quisp

    #13 metaphor for life

  • Red

    #15 hell yea mutton busting!

  • Tim


  • Wally21

    #24 I think I am afraid of that kid

  • Sam

    When you see it…

  • guys blog

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  • Cin

    This post full of parenting fail … someone call CPS!

  • MohawkJon

    #6 Fuckin Boy Scouts
    #17 Is he rockin out or does he have to sneeze?
    #37 That's right start 'em young

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