Stubbs the town mayor — no, really (31 Photos)

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  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    What a pussy.

    • DUH

      Proves you cab be a pussy and still win

      • DUH


        • DUH


    • Meow

      A politician getting wasted, what else is new.. #24

  • thesauceboss

    #21 – "I think I need dis."

    • Gabe

      Most mellow looking cat ever. He's probably an awesome mayor.

      • MattKL

        He's probably in favor of legal catnip.

        • willypguts


  • humperdinkle

    Maybe he should run for President, maybe then the country would be run better, by a more intelligent being.

    • truth

      Please leave your politics on another forum. KCCO.

      • Truth is illusionary

        That was funny. Please fuck off.

        • Christopher Bridges

          same to you

          • @JJrrake

            Same to you… Sike.
            Sounds like stubbs is gonna die soon tho

      • WTF Mate

        Go fuck yourself, that was funny! And true! Who the shit are you?? Do you run chive? No? Then blast off

        • Ryan

          I think Chive was a better place before are these 'come-lately' people started showing up after all the publicity. The guy was just saying politics suck and to Keep Calm / Chive On. The rage coming from you and Truth isn't what theChive is about. BTW your internet tough guy attitude doesn't impress anyone…grow up.

          • Russell Wills

            I agree with Ryan. I have never had any issue with commenting until the other day. I commented on Cat Saturday about how I wanted to get my girlfriend's cat on there some time, and some random user called me a "fucking cunt" because of it. I can't tell people what to do, but I've been coming here for a while and the only thing that is as good (or better) than the articles is reading the hilarious comments that are sure to follow.

            KCCO! Vote Stubbs!

            • Bender

              serious question: when have the comments here EVER been anything other than "how awesome the chive is", "a several year old internet meme", or "an overused movie/stand up comedy/ videogame reference"?

          • SomethingClever

            I've been thinking the same thing lately. The comment section is still mostly funny and level headed, but there has been an edge I'm starting to notice.

        • @JJrrake

          Fuk yea get nutted!

    • Kodos

      Cats never settle for being Mayor or President. If you ain't Master of the Universe, you ain't shit.

    • AlMart

      The funny part is that you think the President runs the country.

      • tkokilroy

        the funny part is if you give obama another 4 years he will be

        • @JJrrake

          The funny part is that that littke cat was snorting coke with me all nite

    • Verbal_Kint

      We'd have to make sure the CATdidiate is properly vetted, to ensure he has the requisite community organizer experience first, though.

  • @RickvdS

    I suggest more cats instead of politicians! They're already more popular with "the internet people" 😉

    • @TAndrewarhol

      I personally would assassinate them.

    • Holy Shit WTF

      I think you meant "teh interwebz peep's"

  • Blind_Eye

    A cat is the mayor? Seems legit.

    • Steers and Queers

      If Sarah Palin could be the governor of Alaska then why not have a cat as a mayor up there? At least the cat won't quit half way through its term

  • jun

    Talkeetna is where you catch your flights into Denali to climb Mt McKinley. Just sayin'.

  • Wildeinatree

    Toronto is ran by a warthog


      Now that is hilarious 😀

    • gnocco

      Detroit is ran by a

  • MattKL

    #9 #10 And on that pool table, not one fuck was given.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      That cat is a dick, move kitteh!!

  • TheFoodGeek

    Still smarter than your average politician.

  • tv_paul

    Why not a cat for mayor, we've already had plants as president, the two Bushes .

  • Chaosthirteen

    Milo's more responsible cousin, Mayor "Stubbs." This is why Thanksgivings were Hell on Milo.

  • boob_cuddle

    He thought he was already mayor anyway.

    • Chomp

      I think you meant god.

  • mrkerrdontplay

    the mayor seems like one of the 11 (at most) cats on this planet which are actually bearable to be around

  • Katie

    This cat has the life, an entire town to go wherever, do whatever, whenever it wants.

    • The Cat's Ass

      How is this different than any other cat you have ever met?

      • Katie

        Well for one it's a Mayor. But besides that I don't know any cats that are allowed in stores, bars and random peoples homes. Most cats that roam freely are feral and can't be handled by people.

  • TDH

    He defines not giving a fuck

  • AJG

    #4 MOAR!!!

    • Dave

      She looks about 12 years old, you sick fuck.

      • AJG

        That's OK I'm only 13.

    • sick fuck

      ya but she has the body of a 14 year old

    • Dan

      yeah a 13 year old, crazy cat lady in the making, who is wearing a huge donald suck sweater.. i'll pass on that moar…

  • Lance

    Damn right, go Alaska! The place I call home.

  • Optimus_prime

    Its so cute, I think I'm going to barf kittens

  • Sade

    #17 Yep. Cats are getting closer and closer to world domination.

  • Pussy

    Their mayor is a pussy

  • Big_Okie

    Still a better candidate for office in Alaska than Sarah Palin. Is easier to listen to and probably has better ideas.

  • @lukeskynski

    awesome! their mayor is a cat and our president is a rooster.

  • -k9

    At least we can prove where this politician was born…….

    • Sharkfart

      Hahahahahahahahahaha – awesome!

  • kdaniellesu10

    Stubbs the mayor looks like he gives zero fucks.

    • AggieRob

      Which puts him on par with just about every other politician in the United States.

  • Cavillea Diannea

    #7 "It's the freakin mayor, get him a drink!"

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