Stubbs the town mayor — no, really (31 Photos)

Visit Mayor Stubbs’ Facebook page HERE

  • Micholl

    Good Day,


    Im Micholl Mabinta working as a Program Researcher on GMA Network Inc the number 1 network in the Philippines.

    NewsTV is GMA’s news and lifestyle oriented channel on local VHF Channel 11 and UHF Channel 24 in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines. GMA News TV programming offers rolling news coverage, documentaries, public affairs shows, entertainment news programs, and selected lifestyle programs.

    One of the newest show of GMA NewsTV is MARS, a daily lifestyle-talk show that shall provide info-tainment thru intelligent and relatable discussions and feature fun activities on trends that women are currently into. MARS airs from Monday to Friday at 6pm-6:45pm on GMA NewsTV ( Philippine Time ).

    In line with this, i just want to ask permission to the one who uploaded the photos of stubbs the mayor cat if we can use it and air it in our show?

    Hope can receive a feedback from you.

    Thank you and God bless.


  • duh_jones

    #5 Smeagol is that you???

  • Kyle3339

    So that explains, how Sarah Palin became governor…

  • corekshun

    That's a lot of goddamn pictures of a cat.

  • Dan

    That is retarded. oh and #18 derrrrrp

  • Bollyver

    Looks like Stubbs needs to crack down on the cities massive clutter problem.

  • bones

    whoever ran against Stubbs has to feel awesome

  • Andrew

    that sad moment when you find out a cat has accomplished more than you could ever wish for.

  • BennyLava

    An Arctic Cat!

  • nuccabay

    its cold in alaska, where are his kitten mittens???

  • Anonymous

    Why not, they had a pussy as Governor.

  • Steve

    Like a boss

  • bubblerider86

    10:1 that town has got its shit together! 🙂

  • Jondalar Goodwin

    I've been in Alaska the last 3 years, & I'm just now finding out about this after i leave…wtf?

  • James Freeman

    I wonder if the Health Dept knows they let the Mayor (aka: A DAMN CAT) sleep on top of the ice cream cones?

  • Diggers

    The smartest politician ever from Alaska without doubt.

  • Cstop

    Live in anchorage… Been there, snikers bar is like 4 bucks… Need to talk to the mayor about it….

  • Jordonski Le Boosh


    Find her!

  • Jas

    STUBBS!!! Way to get some AK on the Chive!! He's the greatest cat ever and Talkeetna is the BEST town!

  • Pea

    That's 'cause Stubbs knows that Denali Brewing Co. has an awesome beer called Single Engine Red… If I could move there I would just for that! (Eagle River, AK resident, go to Talkeetna often!)

  • Beccaboo

    I lived in Alaska for 5 years, sadly shit like this is normal!

  • chris b

    Truley, a fat cat politican.

  • kona4breakfast

    talkeetna is my favorite town to party in. blackout central. bring your tent and your drinking shoes. set up the tent and hit the west rib for (what else) a stubbs burger and some ice axe and dance the night away with dirty hippies at the fairview. nurse your hangover at the roadhouse with a 1/2 standard and if you can't hold it down, grab some mountain high pizza pie for lunch.

  • Gerardo

    Evrerybody loves that pussy!

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