Amazing technology allows you to create music through movement (Video)

The V Motion Project is the collaboration of a few brilliant minds that came together and created a motion controlled interface that allows a user to produce music through natural movement. The interface design and production ability is mind blowing.

Check out more of The V Motion Project here.

  • Tsantilas

    cool tech, but there's nothing really musical about it really… just movement to choose which sample to play.


    lol getts harder great told u its a fukin JOKE

  • jt1120

    One word: Kraftwerk.

  • Denise Oquendo

    instruments also let you make music thru movement =P

  • fajitas

    lemme guess…. dubstep.

  • sceptical

    Sounds and looks cool, but as someone with experience with electronics and electronic music, I am extremely sceptical about this.

  • Pedro Barros

    This is not actually new….some kids from Portugal made it a long time ago, of course not with the same budget! Nice work with the visuals!

  • thefamilyman

    it's for a television ad for an energy drink called V in New Zealand.
    the wall is at an open air carpark in downtown Auckland

  • Clyde

    I've had similar ideas like this but back in the day when I was into drugs, and I was never computer savvy enough to make it a reality lol. I never thought I'd see it actually happen. Very cool though, it's pretty much how I've always visualized electronic music.

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  • Low


    When you said "music" in the title

    You meant "dubstep"

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