Amazing technology allows you to create music through movement (Video)

The V Motion Project is the collaboration of a few brilliant minds that came together and created a motion controlled interface that allows a user to produce music through natural movement. The interface design and production ability is mind blowing.

Check out more of The V Motion Project here.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Pretty sweet

  • Andy Valentine

    Let me do it on my Kinect, then we'll talk

  • SuperiorTo8

    I would buy this just so I could find out what different sex positions sound like

    • Mr_Taco

      That depends on your instrument.

  • John

    A-ha did this almost 30 years ago.

  • Xander


  • letsDROPsomeACID

    thats cool as fuck

  • Yerp

    Herp, Derp.

  • jimctu

    very, very nice!<img src=";;;width="1" height="1" border="0"><img src="; width="1" height="1"/><img src="; width="1" height="1"/><img src="; width="1" height="1" alt="Map" style="border: 0px;" />

  • Vols fan

    1 step closer to the world of Tron…

  • Tim

    We need more people knowing how to actually play music.

    If you can play your music without electricity, you are a true musician.

    • thedude325

      Haha yes. The technology is cool and all…but it sounds like shit.

  • Piper

    Dubstep sounds like fax machines fucking

  • jim_b

    awesome, just pure freaking awesome. Dance and music finally becoming one, lol.

  • pretty lame

    that's bullshit, his movements had nothing to do with the music playing!
    he may have triggered some effects, but that's it.
    i'd watch any REAL musician how bad he may be, before rewatching lame stuff like that!

    • ignorance is bliss

      Instead of being a dumbass and flaunting your ignorance all over the place so we can all see how much of a fucking moron you are, take a few seconds and skim the article linked in the description. This is music. yes there are looping features and effects but this project is, at it's base, a virtual keyboard/drum machine. I know I'm speaking to a brick wall here, but I hate when intelligence and creativity are bashed because of stupidity.

      • Lunch_Box

        Triggering sound effects does not qualify as music, it's triggering sound effects, you might as well be pushing buttons for all this is worth. Music is the creation of sound, not the triggering of recorded sound. Besides creating sound through motion is nothing new, the Theremin has been around for decades. Also, your insults do not make your opinion anymore poignant.

        • Queue

          What if that guy made the sound effects? I'm kind of on board with thinking this is lame (because it looks fake somehow and the crowd looks paid to be there) but I don't think it's fair to completely bash the electronic music genre just because they don't have a guitar handy.

          • Lunch_Box

            I'm not bashing the electronic music genre, Electronic music is the creation of individual note or sound in intelligent formation that produces a musical composition. This is prerecorded composition triggered by motion, it would be different if each motion produced a single note or sound, but in this case a motion produces a multitude of sounds. He does at times produce an extended stretched note, but the majority of his actions produce prerecorded compositions or sound effects, which in my opinion does not qualify as music.

            • pretty lame

              Thank you "Lunch_Box" for understanding the difference and making that clear!

              And thank you "ignorance is bliss" for insulting me. Makes me wonder who the real dumbass is! 😉

              • Lunch_Box

                You're Welcome!

                • twocents

                  just because they are prerecorded sounds doesnt disqualify it. when you create all of the prerecorded sounds and samples and then use your body to activate them it becomes music created by your motion. the composition doesnt have to be prerecorded as a whole, it could have been thousands of samples controlled and put together by the "body" and the guy behind the computer.

  • Romancipated

    technologically speaking = is cool. but i would first argue that dubstep is not music.

    • marty

      youre an imbecile

  • GuntherSquirrel

    So much green… They should have programmed a KCCO in there some place…

  • dumb

    pretty stupid really. looks as over-produced as every other over-produced "instant-viral" internet movie.

    teenager steps up and starts moving his hands around and all of the sudden shitty dub-step comes out? come on…

  • pufffdragon

    This was cool but I will stick to just pressing the play button on my Mac. Thanks anyway – Skrillex

    • Fuck scroll ads

      What do you think skrillex does he presses play on his Mac. Duh

  • Hunter X

    It's basically a Theramin (patented in 1928) that's got some computer graphics added.

  • Anon

    My programming skills suck balls….

  • electric boogalo

    I wonder what is his high score?

  • Wassup


  • GernBlansten

    They will be selling these at head shops around the country any day now….

  • ScUrbin

    There are these new things called musical instruments you can play via natural movement too…….
    But great, now every and any one can make music now with out "talent" besides Dubstep, oh wait, scratch that, we already have that, almost every song on the radio.

  • Chris MacFarland

    Jessica Nigris brother does the vocals for this too.

  • Jon

    I really wish dubstep would just die. It's giving edm a bad name

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