America looked like a whole different planet from 1870-1920 (52 Photos)

All images found via Shorpy

Via Shorpy

  • glockster10

    Go to shorpy and look at these in high res. Old glass plate negatives have incredible detail

  • bones

    life before the chive, poor souls

  • kev

    #43 i live about 3 miles from there. Waddup philly

  • Morgan

    Look at #11 over by the stairs between the two dudes look closely

    • illWill


  • BOB

    #31 Could have been taken last January in Chicago… looks the same.

  • Steve Grenier

    If I had a time machine, I’d give them Twitter in 1800’s

  • village idiot

    Aah, when America was beautiful!

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    #2 ah, the venerable old Ironclad warships. Old windjamming wodden line-of-battle ships were glass cannons compared to them.

    Loving all the steam train engines, too. Are there high-resolution versions of these images?

  • illWill

    #52 Old Timey Hump Day

  • Larry

    #21 thats in my home town! it's still here today.

  • Joe

    These picture are amazing!!! I recognize so many of the places these pictures were taken. NYC, central park tavern, brooklynn bridge, Philadelphia, Atlantic city etc.

    Great gallery

  • Mike

    #21 is on rt 42 just north of catawissa, pa. If I was home I'd get a current pic

  • Davey

    #46 — Totally got laid for this!

  • jdiazmar

    Look how well-groomed and nicely dressed. What happened?

  • Sweet

    The Navy pics in this post are badass!

    All the Chiefs. Pretty cool.

  • showtownman

    "America looked like a whole different planet from 1870-1920." Because it was. It truly was.

  • cybosoft

    #5 #6

  • HopeMarie8998

    When girls actually wore clothes and had dignity, woah!

  • drew

    #43 is Valley Green in Philadelphia and #44 is the Steel Pier in Atlantic City NJ

  • Tomas

    What a great post! Helps to remind us where we've been as a nation, and, hopefully, where we're headed. I agree with the commenter who wrote that we have become too indulgent and entitled, that we lack a basic sense of our collective history. It's almost as if we no longer have a sense of the united states of America, but we've evolved into a land of individual rights and privileges without the accompanying sense of responsibility connected with liberty and freedom.

  • Encik Andy James

    back when americans still look like britsh people.

  • aaron

    Instagram is awesome

  • Pete

    probably one of the best posts i have seen on chive

  • MohawkJon

    #38 Times square?
    The was so much space back then

  • tacklebox

    these pictures are crazy and awesome

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