America looked like a whole different planet from 1870-1920 (52 Photos)

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Via Shorpy

  • yoyoma

    this would be a GREAT album to redo in color

  • nick

    Ah…. A time where people killed each other on a wim, lawlessness was rampant, disease killed people in droves, a time of war, of racism, and hatred. What a great time.

  • matt

    Seeing these makes me want to watch gangs of new york again

  • Matt

    #21 is a picture of the "Indian Head" rock. It is located on Rt 42 north of Catawissa, PA heading toward Bloomsburg. The interesting part is the train wasn't the initial mode of transport in this area. Notice to the right is a canal. There a boat was pulled by mule on the tow path on either side. To this day you still drive slightly under that rock. The train track is still active too.

  • White diamonds

    White diamonds

    America during 1870-1920 : theCHIVE

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