Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • hutton2420

    The river was clean until today.

  • Dr. Evil

    Bernie Mac sat up in his grave and said, "I told you white people can't dance!" after seeing that gif.

  • Dave

    #43 "HHmmm…THERE!…that one!….he looks tastee."

  • buttDr.
  • yadig


  • david

    Look, there's my spot over there! i left a towel and a bar of soap.

  • https://www.facebook.com/LoraMarie14 Lora Beard

    I waited a whole hour watching the clock count down refreshing my page every few mins. FINALLY I got my pink KCCO shirt, undies, and socks! Hopefully I will make DAR or better yet Burnsday again! 😉

  • http://quicklol.com Funny Pic


    Feeding him in the same position he was conceived in.

  • Hunnibadger

    Oooh #46 you are impossibly cute!



  • Chivette87

    #41 I'm a straight girl, but your tits make me wanna fap

  • JDW

    Am I the only one who thinks #2 isn't cute?

  • http://coreyvandersleen.wordpress.com Outlaw

    #14 #29 If I saw those eyes in person, I'm afraid I might melt. I'll be your slave forever?

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.a.hilty Christopher Anthony Hilty

    #43 IT"S BEAN DIP BEACH!!!


    #8 run bro. dont ever stop just gtho and run

  • Arctic Chiver

    #14 You so titled that all wrong… you are an All-Canadian Chivette! (That guy in #43 pointed you out from way over there!!)

    #43 caption (without #14): "You, yes you!! In the water over there… my friend beside me says you can have his towel!"

  • http://www.facebook.com/20BIGTINY10 Tiny Kcco

    #43 ok witch one of you mother fuckers peed in the water….

  • Guest

    #33 Doctor Who yo!

  • Leeroy

    #43 Odd groups got left, Even groups got right. 7 & 8 are whelp groups…. now listen the **** up…

  • Mr. B


    1 – "Hey! I know that dude!"
    2 – "I'm telling you, that's the honey hole! 3-5 pounders all day!"
    3 – "See? This erosion control system is working. Freed up some needed housing, too."
    4 – "That's him! See, Look! He even looks guilty!"
    5 – "Ha, ha! That guy's wearing a Speedo! What a dork!"
    6 – "The line for those suffering shrinkage begins over there!"

  • linds

    catch of the day

  • Rico

    After I say go…. the ferst tree to de O-ther side not ownly get to represent mehico in de twenty twelve olympics…….. meanwhile, somewhere in Texas

  • premed20

    #13, Aw cute. Too bad a VAST majority of those cuddly creatures have chlamydia.. seriously. That's a bummer

  • lol@dog

    #19…. i lol'ed more than i should've with this pic..its awesome

  • dslovejoy1

    #43 – and if you look closely, you can see Waldo

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