Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • pdt1137


    Son of a bitch! Everyone GTFO! The brown is washing off into the water!

  • Justin

    If #24 isn't dar worthy I don't know what is. Completely random

    • CanadianChivette

      Hence, Daily Afternoon RANDOMNESS. Random being the key word.

      • Choad

        Isn't that what he said?

  • GoodNuf

    #43 I'll take that one.

  • Ryan

    Only women and children get to take this boat to 'Merica!

  • Mike

    #49 I would make her stomach look like a toaster strudel

  • Ctzn

    Over there, I may have located a fuck being given!

    Oh, wait never mind. False alarm.

  • Numbnuts

    #43 “holy Krishna the baby ruth has floated that way….”

  • YOYO

    #24 da fuck

  • Matt

    #6: Um, if they're CHALK drawings, you can just wash 'em off with water…

    • Simon

      I've just come back to this post to wonder whether somebody said this. I'm a bit confused that it was sprayed over.

  • mitch

    "Somebody tweeted that they were hand out chive shirts on the beach" . . . seconds later #43

  • gunny cow

    #43: "I know John sent you here, but we only have a few Chive-Tees left!"

  • D Again

    #27 better not have a basement

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.adam.904 Michael Adam

    # 43 someone shit in the water!!!!

  • BuckersAZ

    #43 LOOK! There's Waldo! I finally Found him.!

    • Drake

      ugh! how many funkin waldo comments are there gonna be??? fuuuuuuuuck.

  • BuckersAZ

    Oh #24 and #37 are smokin too!


    #1 So long and thanks for all the krill.
    #14 Oh CANADA!!

  • popmad9

    #43 obviously you are not a zombie hunter

  • Vector_Victor

    "Bath Salts" strike again!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheMightyMing John Chambers

    #48 Doing this > #49 would make me happy, but I doubt she would let me. So I remain sad.

  • Keith

    #36 Damn thats nice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/trevor.pelletier.94 Trevor Pelletier

    #23 if there is ever a picture that sums up my whole life, it's this one.

  • John

    #37 get braces please

  • Jay

    #1 The Hulk will stop that thing with one punch.

  • tv_paul

    #43 This is how I visualize what the server must look like when you have a limited number of BFM shirts up and the masses trying to get them.

  • https://www.facebook.com/josh.pabst.3 Josh Pabst

    how politically correct do we want to be on #43 , but… "first 20 people to the boat get an HIV vaccine."

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