Finally, a New Hampshire Chivette: Emily (29 Photos)

Apparently, New Hampshire is 'The White Mountain State'. This is the point, as a blogger, where I avoid saying something pedestrian like, 'Boy do I have some white mountains for you."

Ok I said it. I'll let Emily take it from here:

Well Chivers,

I used to work for Santa's Workshop...but I worked as a nude model for an artist last week and I liked it so… don't tell Santa. This is my last year at UNH and then I plan to join the Peace Corps.
My life is pretty random. Things just kind of happen to me, but I Keep Calm and Chive On through it all.
I have three dogs named (you Cosplayers out there you'll love this) Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda. Yoda is my puppy.

I've got a booty… I do.

Above all things I believe in doing what makes you happy, so I jump in puddles whenever I can and am always there when someone needs me! I've been such a fan of all Chivettes and I'm so honored to be the Chivette of the Week. This community is something special.

I only recently decided to post photos and am flattered by all the positive feedback!



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