Lingerie is like Seinfeld, it never gets old (60 photos)

  • Ryan Duncan

    Lingerie…wrapping paper for grown ups

    • turd ferguson


    • CanucksRule

      true that!!

  • -M@-

    #3 made me spit cheerios all over my PC…

    • techno_viking

      Those better be honey nut…

      • Epitomizer

        I'd nut all over her honey.

    • sandy astroglide

      Damn, imagine if you ever see a naked woman!

      • ouchie

        Lingerie is way sexier. naked is awesome. don't get me wrong.

  • Bro

    #53 beautiful

    • Braj

      Gemma Atkinson

      • Boozer

        Thank you kind sir. To the Google!

    • Scott

      This one made me involuntarily vocalize what i was thinking, which was, "holy fuck."

  • JJJ

    Holy Moly, MOAR #20! Great post all round

    • John Knolhoff

      That face does not look like it fits on that head, kinda freaks me out. Still hit though.

  • Jay21

    #3 FTW. I'm a sucker for a hot ass bending over.

    • Beev

      Who isn't?

    • sandy astroglide


  • EasternCanuck

    #3 those aren't the ball your looking for.


    my days over, im going home!!!!

  • AboutGorramTime

    #52, Doing it right

    • Underbaker

      Its simply irresistible.

    • ckret

      That is straight up sexy!

  • kal50

    #3 There goes the possibility of a productive day

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #10 I have the most normal boner right now.

    • Bangerang

      Stockings/Garter belts and corsets are hot on their own but together…I'll need sometime to myself.

    • newscot

      Veronica Mayra, I think.

      • dangerballs

        Definitely her, I recognize this pic from FHM or somewhere.

    • Skedaddle

      Absolutely awesome. The perfect play thing.

  • Romeo

    Amazing trend

  • Mike

    The legs on #12… Wow.

    • Tyler Durden

      or #59

      • Mike

        Absolutely.. Nothing Like Having Some Long Legs Around You!

        • Kristen

          So…your boyfriend has long legs…that's nice.

  • physed33

    #50 & #56 Amazingly gorgeous…MOAR!!

    • Larry

      #50 – I can't remember her name, but theres lot more pictures out there, including quite a fit NSFW ones. Very nice gallery if you find it.

      • chiver

        someone find it!

      • BigA39

        google amelie69 (NSFW)

    • chiver

      find both

      • Kirkie

        56 is on twitter,@anniealvarez93

  • jeff

    56 i love your face

    • HereYaGO




    I'd like to be the meat in that sandwich. #27

    • @theterryburke

      you can keep the one with the funky eyebrows, i'll take the asian

    • Bhee

      Jerri lee


      As Lawrence says, two chicks at the same time.

  • @CeeLovis

    #10 Dear Santa:

    • McSmizzle

      If Santa does come through, I'm heading to the Cave of Wonders to find another genie lamp…

  • Csubi

    Perfect Start to my Thursday. Thanks Chive.

  • Tyler Durden

    #58 Bibi Jones?

    • RollChiveRoll


    • Google

      Image search her!!! NSFW

      • BOOM!

        Holy shit, I did what you said, her tits stare at me like ultra bright headlights!

      • Jason

        She uses the Twitter machine properly!

    • poopship


    • Seth Whaley

      hopefully she keeps up with her twitter now that she is retired from porn…

  • bob

    where is # 60??

    • HereYaGO


      • StillSad

        right here.

  • @dbumbaco

    #30 and #56 gotta love those chivettes

    • LTW

      #30 is Juelz Ventura PS

  • gus

    #53 gemma atkinson is amazing

  • _Like_a_Boss_

    #58 Love the mirror shot, perfect on both sides. FTW

    • Guest

      looks like bibbi Jones (NSFW)

  • ChestRockwell

    Mmmmmmmm. BEWBS!!

  • BigSchem

    I would wreck #5 's hair aside from the rest of that perfect body

    • Definitely

      Who is she?!

      • DrFunkenstein124

        Jenna Haze? Maybe? Possibly?

  • Eli

    i hate lingerie. they should all just take it off… and meet me somewhere

    • MathNerd

      Reworded for better reception: The second best place for lingerie, is "on".

    • Notknowing

      I'm with ya buddy. It's a waste of money. I'm just gonna rip it off anyways. Less is more, like going commando. Very hot.

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