Lingerie is like Seinfeld, it never gets old (60 photos)

  • Mylan L. Trivanovich

    I really loved your collection of lingerie photos, although a lot of that stuff was just the same old lingerie of bra & panties. Couldn't you have more of a variety and have see-through things, like net cat suits and things? Some of those women were just super fantastic and couldn't be prettier. I would like to go back and list some of the just super fantastic and breathtakingly pretty females, but this computer is balky and doesn't scroll up and down well. I liked some of the full length photos of the females with nice legs, because "there's more to a pretty girl than just a pretty face and fake tits. Why, there's the whole bottom half of her". I've seen #10 in a FHM or Maxim picture calendar. #25 would've been a nice see-through outfit, but, please, without the pesky bikini. Whenever I see a girl with tattoos all over her– like #27– in a strip club, it makes me want to go sit in a corner and have a good cry.

  • a marine

    you can never go wrong with rosie #15

  • azeez saka

    Love is so hardto nd so hard to givea nd nand to get back basically it so when you fi nd love be sure to cherish is because you neverknaw if you find Love again.)

  • MohawkJon

    (In scantily-clad lingerie)

  • troy

    #5 #42 wow sexy as all hell what a HOT HOT post chive well done

  • guitarfiend

    Who noticed the piss drizzle in #38?

  • Average_Joe123

    #21 Aaaaand we have a winner!

  • Josh

    Have to say #19

  • Mack

    #39 , #41 and # 47 I like the best

  • Heath

    #13, #23 & #49 wow sexxxy yessssss

  • Trey

    I would wreck #20

  • freezer boy

    #24,#36,#49 I would tear that up.

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