Meet Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer (10 Photos)

  • Dennis Swearer

    Even though I think she really is beautiful, isn't it a little weird that the caveat for her being her is that she has a rockin body? She may be one of the most intelligent women of her generation, but the fact that she pioneered the Google interfaces that we use every day isn't the reason that she's here. Granted I love her conservative nerd chic style, I just wish that she got more credit for being brilliant rather than just beautiful.

  • Tim

    I want to piss on her

  • Brian Wanueka

    Just another blonde…. SCAPEGOAT!!

  • Mike

    this lady is not cute, at all. stop posting stupid shit please


    She definitely slept with the right people.

  • chong

    if she wants to turn the company around get rid of Chris Chase

  • Remi

    Looks like a serial killer…

  • Jim


  • Ken

    I'm sure that is Google's new CEO.

  • DarkKnight9690

    She will not do anything for Yahoo, but bring in a few looky-lus.. What people forget to mention is that She's pregnant. So she will not be able to put in 5-16 hour days that a dedicated CEO would do to bring around a company.

  • Muadieb

    #8 "I don't know what to do with my hands…"

  • dasdsadasdsa

    #6 cdcsd

  • Laserbrain

    Next, Yahoo gets hair plugs and buys red convertible/harley for the complete mid-life crisis package.

  • Dan

    Wow. Do you Yahoo? I do now!!!!!

  • Shadow

    37 and a CEO? Dang! I know its not a Zuckerberg moment, but still, impressive. And coming from Google, that just adds to awesome, slightly wondering why this is on theChive tho :/

  • Guillem

    XILF! Btw, she's expecting her first kid soon so she's been tapped! Sorry, fellas.

  • Dizz

    I would google her yahoo, then twitter on her facebook

  • Alex

    I read that as "Meet Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Miller"… I wish

  • Webski

    I'd let her google me then yahoo her in the aol.

  • FishermansDick

    Cute. She obviously slept with the right people.

  • Choderboy

    Just came over from google, huh? So now Yahoo has a direct NSA link too. Happy searching

  • jeff

    #2 The only good picture in the set. Her other outfits remind me of what granny would wear on bingo night.

  • SCB

    Who cares! She got money,and has personality of sawdust

  • grog

    Alpha Female

  • Trento

    I would

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