• thrannix

    +1 for that guy

    • Jasha

      He must be a Chiver. KCCO bro!

    • ddd

      -1 for the woman. That car congestion could have easily gotten someone else killed. There's gotta be a better way for her to cross.

      • thrannix

        Umm, by using the crosswalk like she did?

        • ddd

          seeing as it's a green light, im assuming she is using the cross walk at the wrong time. if you know you wont make it across, wait til you have a fresh walk signal. it's only a small step from this to the 90 year-old that gets on the highway the wrong way and kills a family of 6.

          • kodakkid

            ddd I am guessing that stands for double diamond douche.

            • ddd

              a bowel movement every day, a war every generation

              • https://www.facebook.com/geordie.mowbray Geordie Mowbray

                You see how slow she was moving trying to push that cart you douche?

  • Himihimehoe

    Good to see that there still is nice people in the world

    • Guest

      Come to Canada, 85-90% of us are like that guy. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he had a little Cannuck in him!

      • Doda

        This is in Russia, so that sounds highly unlikely…

  • VolleyMav

    Faith in humanity restored.

    • PHappy

      Faith in humanity restored posts are the lamest
      If I dressed up as a rich white douche and handed out tickets for a free small fry at McDonald's would your faith in bankers be restored.
      You need to keep your faith choade bloat, that dude would kick your ass for doubting humanity, but you probably would have driven by or just filmed the scene like most of the faithless you chomp cock with

      • VolleyMav

        And faith in humanity taken away by PHappy.

        • PHappy

          If your faith in humanity is based on me… BOHICA

          • Bill Boner

            It seems like you've got sand inside your vagina

        • Bruce

          really? grow a pair, and get over it.

    • Chorel

      One nice act by one person doesn't make up for all the murder, rape, tortures and so on that happen daily around the world.

    • http://www.aestfire.com ParaStorm

      He stole that comment from Youtube.. lmao.. The Humanity.

  • Brian

    my hero

  • MarissaAD

    There is good in this world. Just have to weed through the shitheads to find it

    • Hot in buffalo

      You look super cute. You post?

    • chopjohnsuey

      Yea but there are entirely TOO MANY shitheads. This was a pretty rare thing.

    • guesty

      i may be in love with you, just based on your picture. is that weird?

  • oliverklosov

    Give that guy a seat in the Senate!!!

    • mick0311

      No, don't ruin it for him. It's the job that corrupts, not the people. 😉

  • dick trickle

    there still is some good in this world

  • MylesofStyles

    I just gave his life a "thumb up".

  • SirBoobsalot

    that just gave me a genuine smile

    • Ahh yeah!

      Feels good seeing that sorta stuff

  • TJ_Designs

    Great guy. I would've done the same KKCO TGIF!

  • Coast Ranger

    They should find the guy and give him something to hang on the wall signed by the mayor certifying that he is a good guy. Maybe Chive should send him a KCCO shirt. Maybe a new shirt that says "KCCO Certified Good Guy". Wearing something like that would put some starch in your step.

    • Bruce

      Random act of chiveness!

    • Ateka

      I don't get how he is such a good guy. Isn't this kind of behavior common courtesy?

      • Heh

        Common? Notice that no other driver got out to help.

      • What_Tha

        Courtesy? Yes. Common? Not so much.

      • Eemes

        Notice that not even the COP, who's main purpose is to protect and serve the people of their community didn't even try to help this woman. Unfortunately, there is nothing common about courtesy any more.

  • MaaaGooaaad

    Its nice to see people like that.. BUT WTF about the cop… couldent lift a finger or what?

    • truth

      Cops aren't the only ones with dash cams.

    • Fester

      That's not a police car, I've never seen one with a radar detector..

    • Paul

      Dash cams – Kim Commando webpage 80.- for a really nice one

  • Andy

    I give that guy 2 thumbs up.

  • Gord

    Uh… it looks more to me like he's impatient and trying to get the lady out of the road faster. The way he snatched up whatever she was pushing did not scream "good samaritan" to me…

    • dick

      So what, he should have just let her continue to walk her own pace and stay in possible harms way? Obviously no one else was slowing down or stopping.

    • Guy

      always a dickhead to ruin it.

    • Katoun

      Whether he was impatient or not he did the most efficient thing possible without physically assaulting the old lady.

    • Tx Chiver

      Gord its people like you, who i wish I could find and beat with a stick till you learned something about humanity and being kind to others. He could have gone around her, but he stopped got out of his car, but himself in danger (cop being there or not) to help someone that is a complete stranger. If you can't see the good in that, your a twisted soul and need to seriously think about your life and you could serve to go to some self help classes too.

      • Roger

        To clarify, Gord's comment that the guy was just trying to get the old lady out of the street, rather than this man being a good person, makes you want to beat him (severely I assume, after bitch has gotta learn his or her lesson) to prove that there are good people in the world. Yet, Gord is the one who has a twisted soul?

        That sounds like some good old logic to me!

        • SouthernRebel18B

          Really, Roger? You really think he wants to beat Gord with a stick? It's people like you, Roger, who take things so literally that guys like me and Tx Chiver spend all of our damn time finding and beating with sticks while miserable fucks like Gordo are able to escape and evade.

    • klh

      No dude… He had to "snatch it" because she was in a dangerous position as it was. Not only that but other drivers too. Could you imagine if some texting-and-driving knucklehead would have been to busy typing a "lol" response to see the lady? Or the guys' car stopped? This was not a situation to stop and have coffee. This was a dangerous situation. Hence why he did the right thing by hushing things up.

    • Gord sucks off dogs

      So what? He still took time out of his day to help another human being–something I have a feeling a cock like you wouldn't do.

      And, btw, it's *Samaritan* you ignorant fuckhead.

      • skyfireCO

        I like the name.. although I think dogs are too good for him..

        • https://www.facebook.com/wes.jones.104 Wes Jones


  • Nick911

    Get that man a frosty one!

  • mike

    we are all nice people is just that most are too busy minding there own business. Nice is the natural state of humans, is a self-control attitude. Opportunities to be nice are everywhere just choose to be it, is not that hard. Love to all chivettes and chivers !!!

    • steve

      You should read Plato. You would find yourself in common company.

  • dick

    Assuming that this dash cam video came from a police vehicle, why didn't the policeman do anything to help? I didn't even see the car merge into the other lane to stop traffic coming up from behind.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13727549 Alex Lowe

      Doubt it was a cop car based on the Radar Detector mounted on the windshield.

    • Dan

      It's an ordinary driver, dash cams have become very popular in Russia (which is where it's happening) for the last couple of years. In part because of the dirty traffic cops, ironic as it is.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Emaly.Munguia Emaly S. Munguia

    I can't believe it took so long for someone to finally get out and help her across. Not the bus drivers, not the guy with the cam. Shame on the lot of you for just waiting for someone else to help her. Stop passing the buck, or thinking "Someone else will get it" This could have ended much differently. Bless the guy who finally helped her.

    • FYI

      Passing The puck* its a hockey expression. Not to devalue what you're saying, it's just if I was asking people if what I told them was crystal clean, id want to know I was messing up the expression.

      • DrunkSkunk

        No FYI, the original expression is, indeed, "Passing the Buck". It's been around since well before WWII.

        "Passing the puck" is a cute alliteration, but it is not the original phrase.

        Mitford M. Mathews, ed., A Dictionary of Americanisms on Historical Principles (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1951), I, pages 198-99

  • Mike

    I love how the citizen helps the women yet the douchebag cop who WE PAY to "serve and protect" doesn't do jack shit…fuck cops there's such a waste of time and space

    • Guse

      I hope that something happens to you where you need the police. I honestly do.

    • http://twitter.com/RndmThtz @RndmThtz

      I hope you refuse 911 services when something bad happens to you.

      How do you know it was a cop?

    • GramNaz

      *they're not

    • Taco soup

      Pretty sure cops don't use radar detectors

    • thorsky

      Congratulations……….you just won the CUNT OF THE DAY award. I truly hope something happens to you where you need the police too. And guess what….they'll show up to help like they always do and you'll still be a fucking douche.

    • Fester

      That's not a police car 'tard.. We don't carry radar detectors..

    • Blgmonster

      You're joking right? Surely you're just trying to get a rise out of honest, hard working chivers by saying something ridiculous about the men and women that risk their lives to keep the public safer. If you are in fact being serious I pray for your soul.

  • blutodawg

    Very uplifting on such a dark and grim day, my heart goes out to all of the families affected by last nights events

  • Yo Yo Ma

    In some countries (like Russia) people have dashcams installed in their car to protect them from insurance scams (staged accidents mostly). Good chance this wasn't a cop and just a civilian.

  • NozzleJockey

    Judging by the radar detector attached to the windshield I hardly believe its a police vehicle. I love all the pathetic cop haters out there, you live such a miserable existence that you see a nice positive feel good video and immediately go looking for the bad in it. Some of you really need to be on meds.

    • https://www.facebook.com/lyle.lance Lyle Lance

      NozzleJockey, guessing you are an Engine guy… Nice comment by the way, couldn't agree more.

      Stay safe brother. KCCO.

  • knotmee

    that old bitch needs to stay out of the road if she can't get crossed in time.

    • mike

      Haha Ur gonna thumbed down like a mofo but just know that I laughed. but ur an Asshole haha I like Ur style.

    • Tx Chiver

      Knotmee, I hope someone one day comes up to your randomly and punches your fucking lights out. You twisted douche bag. I'd wish i'll on your genitals but you obviously don't have any you fucking twat

    • Fuck you

      Go choke on a dick then die in a fire

  • twd22285

    This is great! good job man!

  • Kathy

    LOVE! ❤

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