• http://Www.armmelter.com Tony Brooks

    She is a beautiful girl who works hard at what she obviously loves. Beauty, drive, talent and focus how could you not love that. I love theChive but some of you guys are fools.

  • Balargon

    #18 #20 EEEWWWW, It would be like hugging a guy.

  • Over9000


  • John Johnson

    There are videos of her flashing her tiny thong while armwrestling…

  • Denny

    Roofs at thier best!!! Her privates must be the size of Texas from so much steroid abuse! Gross.

  • Denny

    Roids…. Stupid auto correct

  • hmcby

    you guys are frakkin crazy she is hot as hell and in shaped you can't complain about that better than a chubby, perfect girl.

  • http://femcompetitor.com/sarah-backman-grappler-champion-arm-wrestler-beautifully-cool/ FEMCOMPETITOR MAGAZINE » Where The Elite Compete » Sarah Backman, Grappler, Champion Arm Wrestler, Beautifully Cool
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