Hottest cougars on TV (20 Photos)

  • Turtle42


    • hara

      Chicks under 25 need two beers and a finger before they know if they want to sleep with you or not. Women over 30 already know.

      • pok

        agreed. except for perkiness, older chicks win out every time.

    • Sunshine Joe

      How the hell is a 37 year old a cougar? Longoria's no where near old enough to be a cougar!

      • he'sgotapoint

        he's right. 35-39 not cougar.

  • Ceh19219


    • dagg nabbit

      to eat dick!

  • de34


    • Froman

      demi moore is not on tv, and is turning into quite the train wreck. fail for putting her on this list

      • guest

        She's on tv almost every week, mostly news and magazine shows. YOU FAIL FROMAN.

        • Froman

          o yes, in the gossip rags, the good news eh, rehab, drugs, malnourished. just awesome eh?

          • oughtnot

            Funny … she looks good and is put on the list because she is "hot". We get daily postings of farily anonymous women that are "hot" but nobody gives a shit if they are in rehab, do drugs, have eating disorders etc. etc. … the chivers only care of they are "hot" …. and have big boobs.

            • Froman

              I guess the skeletor look doesn't do it for me, LOL

              • Chuck Norris

                that doesn't even make sense, dumbass. skeletor is built like he could bench press a truck and regularly fights a dude that lifts mountains. retard.

    • MAGSGQ

      Kids won't even talk; want a restraining order against their own mother? Now there is stability…..

    • Alan Carlson

      crazy in the head…. crazy in bed

  • ontherun1989

    #1 She can play with my 'cox' any day!

    • Boogaboos

      So you have more than one

      • Clint Bozic

        Maybe he "experiments"

    • Anon

      Unfortunately his face is deformed due to excessive botox. She was already beautiful.

  • @JDS2041


    • JESSE

      I don't even care that this is a sponsored page. This post should happen every week.

    • Epitomizer

      Goddamn… I said goddamn….goddamn

    • sithney

      why were there pictures of anyone else?

  • Gyoung

    Tammy taylor from friday night lights!!!

    • Mac

      yes. Connie Britton should definitely be on this list

  • lostagain

    #3 – like a fine wine

    • Zack Gonick

      Diane Lane is the best on this list… but that's only cause Monica Bellucci is missing for some reason.

    • JESSE

      Still hot but in The Outsiders… she was otherworldly.

    • mooseknuckle907

      Hottest one on the list.

    • tv_paul

      Years ago I remember buying a copy of "Lady Beware" in a bargain bin just to watch her get undressed. Also so hot in "The Big Town"

    • Craigery

      Overrated… like fine wine.

    • its_forge

      Diana Rigg 2.0

  • Romeo_G

    Cougar heaven dammmmmm they are fine

  • HumpDan


    I don't smoke weed, but i would buy some from you.

  • @iamdarktickpark

    #12 cougar?

    • MC Hammer

      Not quite. Cougars are not under 40. Hell, I'd say 45 would be the low end on the cougar scale. Also, most of the women on this list aren't even on TV. Oh well, boobies!!

      • @iamdarktickpark

        I agree, 45+

    • Hazel

      I was gonna ask the same thing… I am 32, I thought I was still young 😦

      • @iamdarktickpark

        You are still young.

      • dochandy

        i reacted the same way. i'm also 32. i think we are still young 🙂

        • austinite

          thank you, i AM NOT ready to be a "cougar" at 35….

          • dochandy

            well, at least you'd be a "cougar" (assuming you're a lady :)). i'm just going to be a dirty old man…

            • Cal1

              Couger for me is always 20 years older than I am, so at the mo 50

    • Patrick Medina

      Agreed… #37 Awesome, Noat a Couger
      #43 +2 Awesome Cougar

  • Roger

    Thank you plastic surgery!

  • Paula_

    The total costs of all their plastic surgery could pay off the national debt of a small country though!

    – Fan testimonials (327 thumbs up, 1635 down) :<img src=""&gt;

    • YUUUUP

      paula please let me ram your ass.

    • hwath

      Uh oh, you are currently in the positives Paula.

      • Paula_

        I fucked up…. must kill myself…

        – anyone got a gun for me?

        • hwath

          Uh oh, you did it again.

        • sfb101

          I got a gun for you. Just don't nibble on the barrel, put it in your mouth!

    • Paula eats kittens

      You're daily food bill could pay off the national debt of the United States AND most of Europe you fucking cow

    • Greg

      is this the first time paula has ever scored a positive vote?!?!?!?

  • desert

    #7 Jennifer Aniston gets hotter the older she gets

    • Oh yeee!

      She is so faqen hot in "just go with it"!!! Whole body is bangin!

      • KC & Chill On

        She was even hotter in Horrible Bosses

        • DrGarnicus

          Best part about that movie

          • pok

            agreed. that movie sucked.

    • Arcona

      you wont be saying that when she's a saggy 70 year old

      • Will

        Still will.

  • Jack Wagon

    #19 is an absolute BABE!!!!


      too bad she's a completely self-absorbed cunt…. tape her mouth shut, and then she's bangable.

  • Tillman61

    #9 She's my age?? Shit. Time to work out and eat right…

    • burt reynolds

      if you haven't started yet, you're probably a little fucked on that one. hope you have a nice wallet or a huge dong. unless you're a woman, and then you're just fucked.

  • winfields

    Wait, this isn't DAR! But acceptable #19

  • hwath

    #9 I don't care that she's as old as my mother. I'd do nasty rotten things to Julianne.

    • Arcona

      Son, I'm so proud of you!

    • derpin

      Just as we've done to your mother!

  • Hubert_Cumberdale

    #4 Not as hot as Brent Barry's ex-wife apparently…

    • hwath

      haha nice

    • Craigery

      Ever seen her without makeup? Looks like a dude.

  • Leo

    I had many lonely nights watching these lovely women when I was 13 ahhh still love them as an adult Lol

  • Craig K.

    #15 All day, Every day

    • fuzzy bear

      Evenings nights and mornings too.

    • its_forge

      Oh and she *still* has an epic, legendary, mythically perfect ASS.

    • Woody

      Have Muuuurcy…..

      • yea

        U got it dude!

  • Chad

    Thank you dear photoshop.

    • Mauricio

      you welcome, asshole jealous!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Yeah, let's see what they look like *without* 'Make-up by Adobe'…..

  • BigPup

    #19 Break me, mold me, teach me, take me, make me yours oh wise cougar goddess!

  • ChiTownChiver

    #4 37 years of age is not a cougar. Gotta be at least over 40

    • ddh1969

      totally agreed.

    • st33

      Who put you in charge of cougar rules?

      PS cubs are going to get smashed this weekend.

      Also, I bet Diane Lane gives great head

  • @tatathejetplane

    #10 OMG I SO WOULD.

    • fed

      my pick too!

  • MITH


    • Randy

      thats fine….i'll gladly have a 5way with them …..

    • hwath

      you're an idiot.

    • assman

      So is this how you have decided to come out of the closet to your friends and family? And all of them would probably have to be with someone else's dick because you obviously either: lack the required equipment or the wherewithal to use what little tiny pathetic excuse of cock you do have…

    • JESSE

      I agree with you on all but Demi Moore. plus that photo of Kim Cattrall came out in one of those FHM, Stuff, Maxim magazines when I was in high school… ten years ago.

      • Ceb92

        Say what you will but in my mind Kim Cattrall will always be Lassie from Porky's

    • dochandy

      what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever heard. at no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. i award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul…

      • pok

        thumbed down for unoriginality.

        • dochandy

          because i totally meant it to be original…

    • derpin

      Still a virgin huh?

    • ChillApple

      Don't hate on Mith, some guys just like their women large. Its totally respectable and he would be the ultimate wing man!

    • Alan Carlson

      you would probably rather fuck that boytoy lady gaga

      • @fchezenko

        nuttin rong with the Gaga ! I'd do her. I'd say she gets nasty too

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