How do women not realize just how awkward their pregnancy photos can be? (44 Photos)

  • Penal_Colony

    Jesus fucking christ NO. NO NO NO NO. All of these are tied for WORST THING EVER.

    Luckily, I have some eye-balm in my man purse.

  • Master_Rahl

    all of these are major WTF, but #31 is legit funny. awesome dunk-face!

  • Master_Rahl

    oh, and #1 mucha lucha

  • B-to-the-H

    #31 – They could've at least painted her like a basketball.

  • Kaitlyn

    …. i've decided I'm adopting…

  • Preggers

    What the hell are these women thinking?!? These are some creepy ass pictures. I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and still 135 pounds but you don't see me running around taking disturbing ass pictures. I have a lot of respect for other pregnant women but these women…I want to smack them for being dumb. KCCO.

  • bisketz

    W……T…….F……..???? #41 double WTF

  • Cin

    WTF!?!?!? Who are the stupid fucking so-called photographers who took these? And why are these moronic people posing like this!???

  • Bradyized

    All I can say is… WTF?

  • twd22285

    I was gonna say #26 WTF! …but really all of them..QUIT DOING THIS PREGNANT COUPLES, QUIT!!

  • MUchiver

    is it wrong to want kids specifically to take these awesome pictures?

  • @RndmThtz

    #41 More black women on the chive you say?

    Beggars can't be choosers.

    • Fuhrer D

      A pre-pregnant picture would be nice, I'm sure she was beautiful before. Not that she is bad looking now, she's just pregnant looking.


    one's like #6 & #43 are gross

  • capton awesome

    wtf chive Im gonna have nightmares now "gross" now I have to go get drunk on lunch break and call in sick the rest of the day

  • Jay1911

    I have been able to take most things posted on Chive but this is serioulsy, seriously weird. Did these people actually look at these photos and decide they were ok for the world to see. My eyes are melting………..need antidote………..cleavage post found 🙂

  • jgos929


    My wife is 3 weeks from her due date and I hit it last night. From behind of course

  • John Johnson

    I really wish I wouldn't have opened this thread.

  • @FLRescue

    I'm going to force my wife to take pictures like these and then post them all over the net

  • Guest

    #41 it's great the black people you do post on here they are doing something retarded. No matter how awful all of these pics look people are going to pick on this one just because they are black. Thnx chive give white people another reason to post racist comments about us.

    • Jenna

      I think you should notice that anyone who commented on this photo said nothing about the couple being black, they were concerned about the alcohol involved. And seriously? Its like 40 pictures of white people all being stupid and ONE black couple. Get over yourself.

      • Guest

        Get over myself? I guarantee you someone will say something racist about this couple. I didn't say that someone already said something get over yourself… Understand what I commented about before you comment ..

        • kool

          You're so right!! Of all the pictures posted on this thread this particular picture going to get the most attention I can assure you.Just watch…

          • JinGJ

            Don't do stupid shit while being photographed or taped. What, they're supposed to only post photos of everyone but black people? It was one photo and I doubt this couple represents all black people as a whole.

  • 16inchzipper

    #25 *boop*

  • Tigerlily

    no, no, no, NO, NO, NO Chive! Naughty Chive, you get a 15 minute time out for this post. NO!

  • SteelHorseCowboy

    I can't understand what's happening to this world……..

  • jay

    I want to unsee this… my head hurts…

  • ost

    Saved the best for last, obviously

  • Nope

    Most disturbing post ive seen on this site.

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