The Eden Project: Observe the world’s largest greenhouse (22 Photos)

  • bones

    2 men enter, 1 man leaves!

  • Dave

    "purple sticky punch"

  • StingRay


  • Kevin

    ¡Viva los Bio-Dome!

  • DrFunkenstein124

    #12 Maynad? Haha

  • Geoffrey

    Soon as I grow my hair long and tie it in a shaggy ponytail, buy a tie-dyed shirt and some Birkenstocks, and start bathing (infrequently) in patchouli, I'm totally going to go check out that righteous, pagan, hippy commune, man.

  • Ryan

    Faulkner has a third nipple!

  • djjacobb

    so how many trees and plants did they destroy to build a building for trees and plants???

    • Rachel

      None, they built it in a disused quarry which was effectively barren, look up the before photos douchebag.

  • Bradyized

    #22 That would be awesome to see from a plane.

  • Gergory86

    Purple Sticky Punch!!

  • Sethiroth

    #12 this is pretty cool

  • Cornwall: The Eden Project | Swift Ink

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  • jl1617

    Where's Pauly Shore?

  • HostosFQ

    so when is pauly shore visiting?

  • random humanoid

    There's a place in Arizona similar to this called Biosphere2. Pretty awesome place to see. The Bio dome movie was (loosely) based on the research they did there.

  • Kowboy

    #12 #20 what the fek is going on in this place?

  • Will

    I visited The Eden Project 5 years ago while staying in Cornwall. This is a remarkable project that is a must see in person if you ever travel to England

  • Jables

    i lived in cornwall for 19 years and this was just a terrible investment… go once it's great but after that forget about it… 🙂 if the price at the door don't get you the gift shop sure will! xx

  • Joe schmo

    Viva Los bio dome!

  • Paul

    And its in the James Bond film, Die another day. Cool that our part of the world has made the Chive

  • MohawkJon


  • Dickle

    Best movie of all time….."Bio-Dome" !!!!

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