Soooo…. you got wasted (29 Photos)

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • B Dub

    #18 I don't even want to know. Seriously….WTF!

    #19 Ya, that's not going to help us entice theChive to the Calgary Stampede for a mixup next year. I think these ladies need to send in MOAR, to show that Canadian Chivette's really are amazing!

  • John Hofmann

    #7 If you look closely, she's is playing Word With Friends. Lol! sounds like a great wedding night.

  • Austin Eckardt

    #14 She looks kinda nervous.

  • lebelge

    #19 Thank you Calgary Stampede…There should be a whole album for those 10 days of debauchery…And next year there should be a Chive meet up there!

  • thebigbangdito


    alcohol.. the only reason del taco is still in buisness

    • FunKiller

      Yeeea, umm…..those are Taco Bell packets……

  • James

    # 20 is a buddy of mine, thats my first pic ive sent to chive thats my hand! I had to keep it PG there was other pics!

    • Zach

      lets see em

  • PubicJones

    Haha! Funny post. By the way, BATMAN DIES IN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES! HE'S DEAD!!

    • Hendu0705

      Yeah an Snape killed Dumbledoor. Fuck off. No one cares.

  • titfortat

    Old news. David Letterman announced before the movie even opened.

  • Brett

    It's too bad #9 is true

    • sandy astroglide

      I don't want to try any beer that costs $3.29 for 11 cans.

  • jesus

    #17 emma watson

  • Taylor

    #21 knows what's up. That's the best place to sleep after a long night of drinking

  • Hendu0705

    House rules, first one to get sauced, gets sauced.

  • bone9528

    is #5 mos def?

  • TJO12082

    #26 Looks fun

  • Smitty

    #22 : The discussion is going something like this, "…dude, we've already packed up our sleeping bags, tent, and chairs." "No, we can't just leave him here." "Yea, dude, what about the bears and things?"

  • twine23
  • GlobeSwatter

    #17 …Mom?

  • MattKL

    #3 Nomnomnom

  • Matt

    #12: Not cool.

  • JoeyW311

    #12 so t1000 got wasted

  • Jacob

    I witnessed #19 hilarious puking her guts out at Nashville north

  • Fapper

    #19, lovely guardian angel
    #21, best bathtub decoration ever

  • shadowstein

    #26 what if one of them pukes?

  • Michelle Huges


    Gross. :S

  • Alissa

    23-is that bobby griffin from jacksonville fl?

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