A great big Find Her (37 Photos)

  • AB

    #1 #11 Holy Shit.

    • D_town

      #1 is kissie a swedish blogger.

      • Salt

        Find Her …. a sandwich maybe.

      • AAC

        Saw some pics of her

        • heathclif

          Her face is something to behold. Zoinks.

        • McSmizzle

          Agreed. Plus she looks like she's the size of an 11 year old… minus the bewbs obviously

      • Bjj W B

        Omg burn it with fire!! That face is… Creepy 😦

      • John

        meat is for the men girl from a few weeks ago was right……..

      • Andrew

        No this is the hooters chick from a few months back

    • Gurudel


      Not as hot once you see the face, waayy too many duck faces

      • rikooprate

        WAAAAAAY too much makeup, and ALL duck faces. :\

      • Anon

        Wow! She has duck face even when she isn't trying to do a duck face.

      • Jackie


      • its_forge

        No, her face has been surgically altered into a *permanent* duckface. How sad. How ugly!

    • https://www.facebook.com/david.cornierchevere David Cornier-Chevere

      Google "Carlotta Champagne" You're welcome.

      • DearGod

        She is amazeballs

      • Needlegun13

        Mother of God…. Yes, thank you very much indeed!!! Those are amazing…

    • guest

      that pic is only good cuz you cant see her face

    • Jay

      #1 Liked her better before I googles who she was. She is gross. It looks like her face is twisted to the left a little

    • Matthew

      #1 is kissie, a Swedish blogger!

    • yourmom

      #35 find him?

    • firmintellect1

      her chest seems REALLY 'shopped

    • https://www.facebook.com/william.spencer.967 William Spencer

      1 is like a damn twig. She probably has no ass at all and those look like fake boobs. #1 is actually a FAIL

  • Brent

    #1 #8 nice rack. FIND THEM!!!!!

    • Downhill since 1948

      #17, Johnny Damon, "plays" outfield for the Cleveland Indians.

      Oh wait… You meant the guy behind him? Idk who that is

    • xavi00

      #4 is lipsandtits.tumblr.com

    • TheSeeker
  • Sharky

    #25 Melanie Iglesias. John should know better

    • Atom819

      The most gorgeous woman on this planet.

    • JoeShmoe99

      That's not Melanie Iglesias. Melanie doesn't have the mole on her right boob. This girl is also 3x as hot.

      • KCCO

        Nope… That's definitely her. Check your eyes.

        • JoeShmoe99

          Where's the mole? All the pics I see on Google it's gone. Do they really airbrush it out?

          • Pat

            Mirror pic. It's reversed. That is Melanie Iglesias

    • Memo

      Yup I thought that was her! Man she is smoking hot!

    • Zuke

      I know, even as soon as I saw it I thought "Wait, doesn't everyone on the internet know who she is by now?".

    • 5qu1d

      Yah that is Melanie Iglesias!!

  • Bobby the Retard

    I thought #1 was already found. Isn't she a Swiss or Swedish (same thing) blogger? I don't know her name though…

    • simon
      • Jess

        Just checked the link. I think I'll pass…

        • simon

          She is perfect!

          Why are you passing anyways? Lesbo?

        • Scaggnettii

          have to agreee that bitch is retarded looking

          • Billy

            haha, that is ET from thedirty.com. she nasty!

    • wsnydes

      yes, clearly Switzerland and Sweden are the same country.

      • simon

        Just like all Asian people are Chinese.

        Japan = China
        Korea = China
        Mogolia = China
        Thailand = China
        All countries will weird eyes = China

        You know…

        Me: "Where are you from?"
        Stranger: "Korea"
        Me: "Oh, so you're Chinese… now I know why you have funny looking eyes."
        Stranger: "I like rice."

        That's a normal conversation between a Caucasian and an Asian (Chinese) person.

        • Jess


        • bolweevil

          Keep calm and racist on.

      • Tommy

        Many similarities but one big difference: We have Sundin, Forsberg, Zetterberg, Bäckström, Lundqvist, Lidström, Alfredsson. Now, who are "we"? 🙂

      • TommyKnockers

        I thought the same thing.. good ol Merica education. *bangs head on desk*

    • Chasito Bandito

      Not the same thing… Swiss are from switzerland… Swedish are from Sweden

    • Charlie

      I hope the Swiss or Swedish thing was just a bad joke

    • guest
    • Kenny

      The Swiss are cheesy and the Swedish are fishy.

  • MylesofStyles

    #2 She is gorgeous, but let's not get crazy with the world's supply of alcohol, okay?

    • I.Am.The.Batman.

      I prefer #22 but she seems like jailbait…. http://theperksofbeingaweed.tumblr.com/tagged/me

      • Jed

        From the site you linked: "Sixteen. Native of Arizona. The earth is my body – my head is in the stars."

      • Really?

        AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It can't be unseen

    • j.pipes

      this is red from the show Caged on MTV

  • http://twitter.com/Eswin17 @Eswin17

    #1 jailbait but cute

    • Ano

      Doesn't Matter had sex

    • paul

      no, no she's not cute

    • Stingray

      The original pic has gps data in the exif

      • Notastalker


    • Alex

      She's not even close to jailbait but I'm sure she'd love it if more people thought she was– she's a plastic surgery monster.

  • MOAR

    #31 looks airbrushed.

    • Med

      looks amazing

    • Macro

      Very much so.

      • Deep Dish

        Looks like super plastic processing you see from the garbage program called Portrait Professional.

    • John

      Totally photo shopped pic.

      • navyadam

        Can you tell because of the pixels and you've seen a lot of photoshops?

        • Navyadam

          Can you tell because of the pixels and you've seen a lot of photoshops in your day?

          • JHL1

            Can you tell because of the gin and you've had a lot of martinis in your day?
            No? Awww, too bad.

    • https://www.facebook.com/william.spencer.967 William Spencer

      she's not even that hot. Without all that image editing she's barely above average

    • Dan

      Her name is Allie Buck

  • http://twitter.com/dbumbaco @dbumbaco

    #12 #24 #33 WOW

    • V12

      #12 is playmate Jayde Nicole

      • http://twitter.com/ThoughtsByMike @ThoughtsByMike

        That' s Amanda Cerny not Jayde Nicole.

        • http://twitter.com/dbumbaco @dbumbaco

          Whatever, theyre both hot

      • Jedidiah

        HOWEVER! When I worked at a starbucks in Hollywood Jayde Nicole came in in her work out gear and paid me with money she pulled out of her sports bra. Probably the hottest woman I have seen in person.

        • Need to know!

          Who is #33!?!?!

  • joseph

    #11 and #33 more so 11 wow!

    • knowshisporn

      11 is Carlotta Champagne. Don't google that at work

  • craigmarchphotography

    #18 is ashley sky

    • AlbusQ

      ya beat me to it sir

      • McSmizzle

        I don't care who it is… I love seeing this picture on here all the time

    • http://www.facebook.com/adegiulio Anthony DeGiulio

      Coulda sworn it was Megan Fox…

      • Lil'sandy

        I'm afraid that is Louise Cliff from the UK

        • jetrome

          Check Ashley Sky's twitter. She's posted this pic before. It's definitely Ashley Sky

    • None

      I see that this picture is under Ashley Sky on google search but this girl is Summer Oakes

      • GenePoole

        Her name is Anita Eatabagel

    • craigmarchphotography

      its 100% ashley…check her FB page…it has some more images from this shoot

      It was shot by Mr. Poole. google it

  • GeeROiD

    Find me!

    • OMG noooo


  • therealguy

    #1 12 yr olds and boob jobs = fail

    • Cali_Jangi

      like the wise B-Rad once said: "dont be hatin"

    • ChestRockwell

      Her name is Kissies. I would bring Snooki home to meet mom before this swamp rat. Give her a google image search. Be sure to be near a toilet or bucket. You will taste your dinner for the second time tonight. Good luck. May god have mercy on you!

      • DrFunkenstein

        Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'd have to agree with your snooki statement.

    • matt


  • Just sayin'

    #11 Without a doubt!

    • JWNC

      She looks like Carlotta Champaine a Playboy chick.

    • AAC

      Cant remember her name but she was found in the original post

    • TonyP

      Carlotta, from dRock's DeviantArt galleries. http://dr0ck.deviantart.com

    • Underhill

      #11 Stunning!!

  • Seldi84

    #10 #30 #33 Please find these women.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.dale.3114 Jason Dale

      #10 dear god find her

  • whyme1973

    #1 Those proportions are staggering. Find her and all those like her.

  • hurricaneditka

    #12 Amanda Cerny, playboy playmate. Your welcome.

    • corekshun

      My welcome is what?

    • Spelling Police

      "Your" is possessive. "You're" is the contraction of "you are." Stay in school.

      • v12

        Wrong, It's Jayde Nicole but right about the playmate part….

        • The dude

          Super wrong.. It is indeed Amanda Cerny. Know your playmates!

        • jetrome

          Check Amanda Cerny's twitter. She posts hot pics all the time (this one being one of them)

  • Funky Chicken

    #33 – Abso-freakin'-lutely!

    • Wowi!

      Who is she????

  • http://Loughneyguitars.com Loughms

    These girls are hot… But, they are just girls doing nothing special except having tits. I’ll take funny topics over half nude women any day. Because everyday I see full nude women on xnxx. Blow it sunshine!

    • savagecabbage

      Psssshhhh whatever dude. You suck balls

    • Gay is okay!

      There there. It's okay to be gay, dude. Really, we don't care.

    • Zuke

      Nobody likes you. I believe I can confidently say that on behalf of everyone here we ask that you please leave.

    • SinisteR

      Bah, keeping some clothes on leaves a little to the imagination.

      Classification of Hot women vs amount of clothes willing to wear in puplic photos:
      Nice Full Dress = Classy
      Skimpy/Tight dress w/some skin= Sassy
      Barely clothed/much more skin than clothes = Naughty
      Nekked = Slutty, possible STD machine.

      • inventing words

        puplic = PUBLIC

    • Larry


    • John

      I agree. Most of the women where hot, but some of them where not that special. See hotter looking women at the supermarket by ASU.

      • Taco

        *were hot… You dummy

  • whyme1973

    #11 is amazing.

  • Lok

    #1 are you kidding me??

    • McSmizzle

      I sure hope so.. probably a beiber fan's taste these days

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    #14 for me please

    • Cartwright

      And the blunt in her hand!!

    • OMG noooo

      Her bewbs… I like them shits

    • Jay

      This girl has been posted so many times. She was posted on an image site as "Busty Latina", and that's been that. Never been ID'd. She gets posted here almost weekly.

    • BakedGhost

      Some chick from Brooklyn. Not even Latin think she is Russian.

      • stiv

        love the blunt status. good girl!

  • maraloc

    #19 is Jamie Eason, a fitness model.

    • Moar

      The Chive also had a post dedicated to her.

    • yup

      and newly wed christian

    • Matt

      Is not Jamie Eason your retarded

      • JCruse

        Fucktard. It is Jamie Eason. Maybe you're looking at the sheep…

      • maraloc

        My retarded what?

  • Yup

    #1 and #37 we must have MOAR! And if we could find the rest of them that would be great too.

  • alalala

    #25 is melanie iglesias

  • damn gingers

    #2 except for the fact that she is lacking a soul.

    • Eric Cartman

      Vile and Disgusting… she's going to come get you in the night…

    • Zuke

      She may not have a soul, but she's clearly got something going for her…

    • ghostofmlg

      That's OK, I'm a blues guy, I have enough soul for the both of us…

      • Tim

        The only thing she's missing is my jizz in her titcrack.

    • calenand

      Oh she has a soul. for every freckle a Ginger has it's a soul they have stolen.. she can steal my soul any day.

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