Being a nun can be fun (35 Photos)

  • @DrDrai1122

    nun-thing spectacular here……

    • lols

      i wish you had posted "first"

    • 0331

      At least they aren't doing it out of Habit.

  • Steven

    #16 look at all the fu*ks I give

    • Livin' Legend

      Nun whatsoever.

  • Mark Sanchez

    Reminds me of my rage against the machine shirt with nuns and guns

  • heh

    Sex is more fun than any of the activities seen here.

    • lols

      i don't know, #11

  • B Dub

    #14 Laughed my butt off!! My coworker in the next office must think I've gone looney!!

    • Un-Impressive

      .You have, it is just that only others can tell

    • McSmizzle

      haha I definitely looked at the legs first and was like.. "how the hell do all these nuns have really nice legs?" I feel like I was taken advantage of…

  • Ri_Go

    for some reason… all these nuns having a good time and enjoying the simple things in life made me realize how much i have taken my existence for granted… this is a great time to be alive. why haven't i enjoyed myself like this… i need to quit my job.

  • chong

    #18 50 bucks its rigged

  • Jak

    I was looking for Kate Upton..

    • Un-Impressive

      Do you go to a hardware store looking for flowers?

      • Jak

        Did you watch the new 3 stooges movie?

        • Jak N Daxter

          hopefully not.

      • jman

        shes a hot nun in the movie.. step your game up

    • @JDS2041

      I half expected to see her at the end!

  • Anon

    That guy in #7 has a serious unibrow

  • givethedjabj

    Where's the soap??????

  • Paula_

    Whaaaat, no pole dancing? Wet T-shirt contests? Mud wrestling? I am disappoint.

    Nu'n to see here, move along meow…

    – the one you love to hate

  • bukssna

    #20 FUCK YEA! 😀

  • Shoon

    #25 Crazier than bag of fuckin angle dust, when I bust my gat mother fuckers take dirt naps. I'm all that and a dime sack, where the paper at?

    • chris wallace

      gimme the loot gimme the loot!

  • Scott

    I'm lovin it!

  • Darrell

    Anyone else getting a boner from this?

  • ASU-Aaron-1

    Got these all beat a video of a nun Jumping on a trampoline !!

  • jwincman

    They sure weren't this much fun during my tutelage under them.

  • Sade

    #32 Ummm… This looks fun.

    • @fchezenko

      this is an early roman catholic enema

  • Monica Fierro

    Nuns are the shit. I grew up around them and those are some partying ladies. They're fun to be around. They enjoy so many more little things than we ever do. Thanks Chive! I really enjoyed this post. Everyone have a wonderful week 😉

  • Zuke

    Now if only I could figure out how to be that happy…maybe they get high off the word of jesus? About the closest I've ever gotten was doing drugs off a bible. True story.

  • @fchezenko

    this from the film Nun with a Gun. the tag line was

    " This Sister is One Bad Mother"

  • Dotson

    I often go to amusement parks and do all these things. But I still get to fuck and drink…

    • Rob

      They don't get to fuck, but they can drink you under a table, they aren't baptists.

  • NelPit

    The Chive is my daily habit…

    • NelPit

      So is fapping to all the women I wish I could have sex with 😥

  • Dan

    what sounds more miserable than being a nun?

    • MohawkJon

      Being Dan?

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #29 even nuns can be bullies

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