• that guy

    the real.milo and otis haha

    • DCD

      They're both in Russia. Neither of them are really "safe".

  • XL22

    It looked like the cat was home already just outside so what the hell did I really just watch?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale


  • jim_b

    Friends don't let friends walk 4 feet drunk. It's a dangerous world out there, it's good to have someone watch your back… or carry you by your stomach.

  • sithney


  • john

    The real life Ren and Stimpy.

  • Cooper

    After enough drinks- you'll take ANYONE home. Amirite?

  • Static

    lol.. that is awesome!

  • Greyhead

    The dog has worked out that it does not get fed until the cat gets home.

  • TheFifthIngredient

    That cat KCCOed…don't think most would take too kindly to being handled that way. But it will be much funnier when the dog is out for a walk and tries to pick up other random cats like that to bring home. Catnapping?

  • Guest

    My French and Russian is simple at best, but that sounded French no?

    • Smartass

      It sounded French to me as well. Sure as hell it wasn't Russian.

      • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.zilberman.10 Eugene Zilberman

        It was Russian, she was telling the dog to bring it home.

    • Ori

      dude, that was russian. I know russian, and i dont know a word in french.

    • Drew

      The very accent and pronunciation is reeking of Russian. You need to get cultured, son! 😉

    • Dick Monkey


  • Nick

    Hostel part 3

  • wutwut

    "I'll get that bitch a cat, Bitches love cats"

    • Ed Jones

      Right on!

  • http://www.facebook.com/haschen Alex Haschen


    • Drew

      My lord, with the douchey topless picture to boot? Where do you even exist?

  • drbman

    what are in those dums barrels?

    • DB Conor


    • Buster Cherry

      Vivisected cats.

  • Bill Murray

    "Dogs and cats – living together… mass hysteria!"

  • Fido

    Just one more reason dogs>cats

  • bcontimax

    LOL, i need some friends like that dog….

  • MylesofStyles

    Nothing like a little chloroform to loosen up a date.

  • A dude

    This isn't in russia the woman is speaking French.

    • DrunkSkunk

      No, she's absolutely not. French is my first language, and that is NOT French. Not even close.

  • OrgazoidHD

    Mac's in America. So I'm assuming he's a fat imbecile.

  • John

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  • mode blog

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    • DB Conor

      COuld I perhaps give to you my personal information for you to verify identity? In this way you could assist me in obtaining prince's lost fortune.

    • Buster Cherry

      This guy is speaking French. I've heard French before and this guy is definitely speaking French.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skye.duplechain Skye Duplechain

    i take it the cat is blind? i love how he just lets the dog do whatever. he seems pretty used to the procedure. cute cute. 🙂

    • Katie

      That's what I was thinking, the cat is likely blind and needs "rescuing" a lot. I was expecting a bigger dog

  • sp0ticus

    I give the dog props on that perfect firemans carry. Also good to know if the house burns down the cat will still be safe

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