FLBP always cheers me up on a Monday (42 Photos)

  • 3MC

    #25 Cold?

    • Gav

      No, she just didn't iron the shirt properly, they are peg marks! 😉

    • Impressive

      Nope just glad to be here

    • cookie

      turkey's done

    • spicticus

      just a tit bit

    • Bustanut

      She has a manface

      • This.

        if you noticed her face I have news for you..

      • This.

        I want you to be my boyfriend and suck your pee-pee.

    • meezer

      When did Ellen deGeneres get implants?


      It's just a little "nippy" out.

      • JHL1

        "It's a tit nippley out."

    • me...BN!!!

      i love gum-drops!!!

    • Javelin

      I have seen nudes of this chick. Anyone know who she is?

  • Priest

    Aren't boobs great? Just saying…

    • Dwide Schrude

      A life spent searching for the perfect breast would be a life worth living. That is the essence of bushido. – Confucious.

    • Altar Boy

      You're a lyin' mother fucker padre.

  • Dark night

    I love it

    • James

      How about you show some sensitivity and change your name for a few days huh?

      • NelPit

        yeah!! no one should mention that movie EVER now!

      • $am

        How about YOU show some RESPECT and change YOUR name James–that's the name of the ACTUAL shooter. Make's about as much sense as your ignorant comment…KCCO

  • buzz

    #15 woof

    • chance

      buzz ur girlfriend

    • FerrousWheel

      Find, and feel free to repost as much as possible

    • JerseyGuy

      if by woof you mean you would only do her doggie style if it was in front of a mirror so you could still see those sultry eyes and lips then, yes, *woof*.

      who?! moar!!

    • Truth

      She's so hot, she could turn Elton John straight…..toward the Chippendales club.

    • gs425

      didn't notice the face

  • wimpy

    yes #18 and #24… winners

    • wimpy

      P.P. — #34 is a wonderful specimen also

      • wimpy

        it was P.S….

    • TestaDensa

      #24 is kimbyr leigha

      • FunKiller

        Great White Buffalo

        • TestaDensa


    • KyBoy

      Great Taste My Friend!!!

  • yuri

    #22 #24 #36 moar!!

    • http://twitter.com/dbumbaco @dbumbaco

      FIND #24 for the love of theCHIVE

      • TestaDensa

        Kimbyr Leigha

    • benw

      #36 is Jessica, an English model. I'm not sure what her last name is, but her tumblr is:

  • http://twitter.com/DrDrai1122 @DrDrai1122

    #18 i would have read a lot more if she was my librarian….

    • M4jestic


    • Jake

      I wouldn't, I would just go to libraries more often if she was my librarian.

    • Tdkr

      I would just be at the library a lot more pretending to read.

    • chandan

      i have two smart girl
      u want dear

  • Cody

    #24 she's enough to make me weak in the knees

    • Chimchim

      She makes one of my parts do something else…

    • Hiro

      kymber leigha

  • Bangerang

    #24 so many perfect things.

    • Rufioooo

      Eyes? Check. Boobs? Check. Kitchen? Check

  • B Dub

    #25 I love a good game of find the Smarties…

    #2 Just beautiful…

    Chive, you make night shifts bearable!!! Thank you!

  • Matthew

    I mostly see the Chive as perpetuating the stereotype that women are to be ogled and turned into sexual objects. The Berry does try and off set this balance but they too just play into the mold of beauty. I shouldn't be ranting here but I'm tired and grouchy.

    • bmk

      cool story bro

    • wimpy

      you mad bro?

    • spicticus

      Yet you are here looking at the same thing you are ranting about…hmmmm…

      • Matthew

        Yes. Because that's where it would be most topical.

    • ddrdrudr

      If you look at FLBP and complain about it, then I have some bad news

      • NelPit

        he knows about porn or google images?

    • frank furter


    • AboutGorramTime

      Ok, I'm a woman. In this day and age of "gender equality" (hah), people are so afraid of turning women in to sexual objects that they forget women are sexual beings. There are so many women on here that work hard for bodies they are proud of. In our daily lives we're admired for our brains, ideas, motivation, kindness, etc., and sometimes we want to be admired for the way we look too, dammit.

      • Zuke

        I was going to say something along those lines, but it sounds far better coming from a female.

        Would it be wrong to say that I love you? If so just pretend I didn't.

        • Chuck Norris

          only if it's wrong to think you should grow a pair. "i love you". GTFO

      • Tecumseh

        Love your name! Brown coat?

        • AboutGorramTime

          Why yes I am. Also, I can kill you with my brain 🙂

      • NelPit

        …..or you could always not give a fuck what people think. that's even cooler.

    • Willits

      You misspelled "gay"

      • Elton John

        Oooooh, I love how your minds jump to "gay" immediately. The closet is just filled to bursting on this site…….

    • Cravnmo

      Midol is in the medicine cabinet hun.

    • msee

      Stop trying to gay up the chive! And everything else for that matter.

      • Matthew

        Wow, gay up? How deep are you in the closet mate?

  • Jimbo

    So who is going to tell me who #7 is?

    • Matt

      Her name is Lia Valentine.

      • bmk

        not even close. this chick's way hotter

        • Bazza

          Certainly looks like her to me

    • Neil

      Costume Nova from Starcraft? Must be comic con, so the question is he a hired booth babe or a fan

      • Joe

        Fan.. ^link above.

    • Jake

      All I know is, in an interview she said she's 19. I saw her in KassemG's comic con video.

      • Pedobear

        Too Old 😦

    • Josh

      Sexysexysniper on YouTube

  • Rolo__Tomasi

    Women just make me so happy. They are the most wonderful people on the planet.

    • heywoodjablowme

      until you piss one of them off. Then they all be bitches.

    • Zuke

      Whoa now, yes, they may be pretty amazing, but don't let your guard down or boobs will be your undoing. They have brought down far greater men than us.

    • Rolo__Tomasi

      Just saying that women are wonderful. Been happily married for over 10 years, so I think I do good job of not pissing the one woman that matters off. Happy Monday, FLBP and can't wait to mind the GAP!

      • Bob

        until she checks your history 😉

  • chris425


    chivette of the week. that is all.

    • http://twitter.com/j_calabaza @j_calabaza

      That's @meaghanjameson. She uses the Twitter machine properly.

  • ewwww

    I think 28 is a man.. look at the huge vein in the left arm,and facial expression looks like a man.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ehbrada Lawrence Panis

      Its not a vein, its some hair from her wig blurred a little.

    • karl

      jessica nigri, asshole

    • that guy

      #28 (picture for those who are too lazy to scroll)

  • Joe

    They are sexual objects, nothing more pal!

    • Notmyname

      And the problem with this is?

    • Me.

      you mean like your hand?

      • You

        claiming he's a basement dweller/gay/a virgin means what he typed is wrong. Chiver logic. derp.

  • Byron_Black

    #9 Dude, heavy.

    • bdg

      Find her already!!!!!!

      • SupraJeeper

        What he said.

    • jon


  • F stuf

    #16 so good even shes looking

    • https://www.facebook.com/DannoRules Danno Maurer

      #16 It appears that these are not big enough to cause lower back problems. Please remove your tops for further examination.

      • Frank

        If not I volunteer to give these women back problems..

    • bananaflapjacks

      racks on racks on racks

  • Turbodude

    Had to scroll back up to this knockout !

    • hoser

      Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow??

    • http://twitter.com/beagleracing @beagleracing


  • bristal palin

    These still picture make me miss "things that bounce".

  • Brent

    #3 #20 winners!!!!

    • DanishChiver

      #3 is Tanya from Denmark

      • slapiture

        Tanya Larsen

      • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

        Tanya's giving me lower back pain. DAMN!

    • Wut


      I never get tired of Lyndsay Caldwell. Awwwwww yeeeaaaaahhhhh.

  • Doc

    #23 Absolute Perfection

  • nate

    #31 find her!!

    • 5.57

      Michelle Keegan

    • Gary

      Michelle keegan, British soap star

    • https://www.facebook.com/danielevans2007 Daniel Aaron Evans

      She looks a lot like a brunette Blake Lively with bigger boobs.

  • Zakyboy

    Find them all!!!!!! Please

  • moar boar


    • guest

      #10 on the right is lindze merrit. she does probably the best morrigan from darkstalkers cosplay i've ever seen…

      • Ryan

        The one on the left is a semi nude model, actiongirls.com. Perfect tits

        • vik12

          Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, a gorgeous model from Canada that does a lot of cosplay

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