Generation derp (44 photos)

  • Jrod


    • dochandy

      speaking of derp…

    • Crowley


      • Paul c.

        dick face…get a life.

        • Harry Longbahls Jr

          You have less of a life

    • Tyler

      Who cares if your first. Get a life

  • Skadoosh

    #31 Find derp

    • Schnizz56

      With knockers like that she can derp all she wants

      • Gene

        Pretty sure that's a dude

        • Skadoosh

          If you noticed dudes in this picture I have some bad news for you…

          • U mad, have not?

            that he won't accidentally fuck one of them?

  • jack

    first bitches

    • Paul c.

      dont think so asshole!!

    • Zuke

      You have now failed at all life has to offer. You may ascend to the next plain of fail.

      • Vincent Guzman

        im so high….. i like #38

  • dochandy

    #21 quite possibly the best derp face ever.

    • derp

      either that or she's a burn victim…

    • A.J.R

      Dude Photoshop

    • iLeland

      That face is the stuff of nightmares.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    despite the humor in having a friend passed out in the worst position, we all could agree that we hate that obnoxious guy bending over him going:

    "Hey guuuyysss, guys! check him out guys…hey guys check him out! he's passed out. HAHA lights out! huuuuuuurrr"


  • timetrvlr86

    but ull always be last in life jrod


    Love the Derps made my day!

  • Jak

    #8 must find. Has mad skills

  • Big_Okie

    #31 Bewbs trump derp almost every time…

  • passwordistaco

    #44 It's amazing how little talent you have to have these days to be a "Star"

    • Guest

      Pretty sure you can do better???? Don't be jealous shed getting paid r u?

      • Jason Martin

        Are you asking questions, making declarative statements, or intentionally trying to make a text-based derps?

        • WTF Mate

          schooooooled by Jason. TM lol

    • pitaru

      You're right… not a big derp after all…

    • burt reynolds

      this is what all black women look like to me. there i said it.

    • lidus

      If you're using that picture in this context to back up your claim that she lacks talent you're an idiot.
      She made a face, ergo she can't sing or put on a good show or dance. Deductive logic at its best. The fact that your comment got that many thumbs up's merely shows the decline in average Chiver character. If I'm right this comment will probably go minus

  • RastaJohnson

    #19 YES! Hahahahaha

    • Kim


    • megustamedusa

      i quote "looks like a gay version of the springtime for hitler number from the producers"

  • Cosmo Kramer

    #28 thanks chive. Needed a good laugh.

  • BigPup

    #8 Still would!

  • Chauch

    I think #2 is just acting normal.

    • Zuke

      Hater's gonna hate.

  • Adam

    #39 BEGGIN STRIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ZachBob


  • Justin Lentz

    #30 id derp her

  • yoav^^^

    boy or girl!?

    • Med

      Chris Parnell – SNL

    • Paul

      Could never be drunk enough to screw that.

  • guest

    #42 is the derp perfected.

  • back2worknow


    Always a tossup of best derp; Soccer or Tennis.

  • Alex Shelanski

    #6 girl in the middle! MOAR!

  • that guy

    #23 it is said that goldfish have a memory span of 3 seconds.

  • Macro

    #31 Oh hello there!
    #39 Made me LOL.

  • Travis Adams

    #28 Ermahgerd Murbles

    • Darth Clapton

      fuck you you fag

  • Danno Maurer

    #34 Dunno why but I couldn't stop staring at this.

    • Paul

      Maury people are why we are looked down on by all others. #34

  • Zach

    #41. I wish he was still in Atlanta.

    • GregoryTH

      I think our current right fielder is slightly better….

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