Rich kids of Instagram (20 Photos)

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  • Charles

    #1 DAD!! TAKEOFF WTF!!!

    • yup

      this post makes me wanna rage… F!@#in rich kids that don't earn it

    • GeauxTigers

      So it Mac the Intern's job just to rip off, who had this up yesterday?

      • Adam

        Or you could check the link at the bottom where he linked to the tumblr it originated from (something complex didn't do). Check your facts before you act like a sarcastic douche.

        • not adam

          Still doesn't mean he's not just surfing other sites and stealing their already stolen content. Just because he linked to the original tumblr account doesn't mean it's ok.

  • Ross Kalmbach

    #10, this is how people get killed by jets-skis….

    • ibleedgreenngold

      natural selection

    • SnidleeWhiplash

      Jet skis don't kill people, people kill people…..or some such rot…

    • Mike

      Just goes to show money can't buy brains….

    • I like boats!

      Because people on jet skis are morons.

    • Shadow Chiver

      Most normal people don't die by Jet-skis….

  • Sara89

    #1 looks like mac lol

  • bob

    They all look like cunts

    • whatever

      Rich kids on instagram..bitched about by lazy kids on theChive

      • PA2AK


      • Green Mountain Bot

        Because clearly these kids have worked their fingers to the bone for all that they have.

    • DIP-SHIT

      yea I hope they all get the clap

    • evad

      you just jealous

  • BigPup

    Must be nice…. Notice how all the dudes look like like fucking DOUCHE bags.

    • PA2AK

      fuck, Brad Pitt, sorry we're not on your level of uber-coolness. you would have stuck them in a locker back in your prime, huh?

      • BigPup

        What the fuck are you talking about? No, I didn't stick kids in lockers I was to busy working multiple jobs in high school and balancing my sports with making money to save up and buy my OWN car, stating my OWN savings accounts, buying my OWN toys.
        See I had to work for what I have no one ever gave me a free ride, that's why I appreciate a dollar and know where it came from.
        These are the kind of kids that go to ivy league schools to put $1,000 of blow up their nose a month and cry to daddy when there BMW gets more then 20,000 miles on it or someone else at school gets a newer one then them.
        Maybe if you spent more time making friends and standing up for yourself you wouldn't have got stuffed in lockers as a kid and have to take it out on people over the internet.
        I hope you make a friend today… Fist time for everything you know.

        • David Cornier-Chevere

          Someones a little bitter xD

        • Cracka_ass_cracka

          Only $1,000 per month? In junior high maybe..

        • PA2AK

          Haha good job then, but don't hate on them. Don't worry though, I was plenty "popular" and hard working as well. Grew up on a farm. Held a job since I was 14 while balancing work at home, honors in academics, captain of the football team, wrestling, and being decent to people without envying what they had. Not all these kids can be grouped into the lot you just put them in. Not all these kids have it as nice as you and I. You envy them for their money? I say they should envy me. I have 2 healthy & beautiful daughters with an amazing wife. We've been to hell and back together through school, moving across country, cancer, daily life. I feel like I have more wealth than most, but it is purely a matter of perspective. Saying they all look like Douche bags is pretty close minded. I'm sure your daddy taught you that content of character is more important. I've always stood up for myself and others when they needed it. I've made plenty of friends in some very unique situations. I do sometimes get fed up with how much my wife and I have to do just to get by every day…but most of the time I come to a realization that I'm pretty fucking happy with where we are and where we're going. I have poor family, I have rich family…the only thing that matters is family.

        • You are bitter

          Bitter much? Make generalizations much? You don't know anyone in these photos, you don't know how hard they may or may not work…maybe, just maybe some of them work HARDER than YOU? You don't know how much they appreciate or don't appreciate what they have. Ivy league schools don't just accept people because they have $$$…you have to perform too. A little perspective…I grew up with rich parents…I never wanted for anything: my own home theater, "cool" car, drove around cars from my dad's collection that most people will never dream of owning, bought whatever clothes I wanted on a credit card that my parents covered, education paid for, my own condo off campus in undergrad, etc. etc. BUT–I also started my own profitable business in high school, worked my ass off to graduate at the top of my class, went to a presitigious university and worked a job on campus all through undergrad…worked my ass off after college…bought my own house, cars, motorcycle, traveled the world…on my own dime…went back to grad school….worked my ass off in grad school…graduated at the top of my class…and now work my ass off in the real world to build my own life, my own business, and my own family. One thing you may not realize about kids with rich and successful parents: the pressure to ALSO succeed and live up to their parents' achievements can be enormous (by external sources AND self-imposed) and they often work just as hard as their parents do, whether that is in academics as "kid" or in their professional life as an adult. The point is, you don't know shit about anyone else or their experiences.

          • That Guy

            My parents are loaded. I may or may not have been in one of these pictures. Needless to say, BEFORE I could drive, BEFORE I could "stuff my nose with blow" I was up at dawn milking fucking cows. Do you know why? Because thats what my dad did and thats what my grandfather did. Don't make the assumption that "rich" kids don't work. I busted my ass in college so that I didn't have to follow the family business. I busted my ass and was cut out several times because I wanted to be my own person. Don't assume that parents who are well off all baby the shit out of their kids. Don't assume that people who have made it to a certain level of success that they ever stop working hard. I don't doubt most of these kids are probably dicks. And i know a bunch of dicks that weren't financially secure. It's the person, not the wallet that makes you who you are. But dont assume that because a person is born in to a lifestyle that they are all the same. I don't.

            • Paul from the gump


        • Vince-Kristin Aleman

          Just remember President O. says you nor your parents or grandparents got where they are by themselves…. So technically anyone with money owes everyone else for their success 🙂 Sorry I can't take this convo seriously… "Your penis is bigger than mine". So one has money where another does not, if you are happy where you are none of it should matter. Keep Calm and Chive On!!

        • bung whole

          I can't get past "fist" time…uranus?

    • Ryan Suda

      Wow seems some in the Chive nation have forgot the meaning of KCCO!

    • U mad, have not?

      i'm a trust fund kid, and don't have to work for shit for the rest of my life, and i'm not going to. suck mult-million dollar cock.

      • Vince-Kristin Aleman

        maybe multi million, doesn't mean its big

        • U mad, have not?

          don't matter. price tag alone guarantees it'll more pussy than yours ever will.

          • dustin

            enjoy paying for getting laid the rest of your life. just because you have money don't mean anything. why don't you walk into traffic.

          • Jesus

            But one day we will all end up in the same place: dead. And guess what? Money is meaningless, and all we leave to the world is our legacy. I'd like to think that I'll make my mark on the world. Judging from your attitude, though, unless you grow the fuck up (and you have a LONG way to go), you'll leave a slimy little shit-mark for a legacy, a mark worthy of the little shit you are.

            • evad

              money = meaningless ?? that's poor sucker said to themself haha…
              money is good, can buy happiness.
              everybody will die, why not die with money ?

  • Seriously

    Do you have to be a D-Bag to have money?

    • AboutGorramTime

      Yeah, which comes first…the money or the douche-baggery?

    • ps86

      no, you can be BFM

    • Vince-Kristin Aleman

      And dress like a Ralph Lauren commercial

    • voltviking

      No, being born rich and having everything handed to you turns you into a douchbag

    • NelPit

      No – But to have money (You probably did nothing to earn) and post on Instagram MAKES you a D-Bag.

  • Today is...

    So… much… douchebaggery…

    • isanti


  • Med

    #9 Fat Kids of Instagram

    • Underbaker

      Cheeseburger, fries, and a glass of champagne please.

      • Kzo

        Well proof you can be rich and have no taste at all.

        • Underbaker

          Of course, everyone knows you should drink Red wine with a Cheeseburger.

      • fat boy -no slim

        fucking chips YAY…MOOOAAAAARRRE greese please!

    • mrkerrdontplay

      lol morbidly obese entitled snobs of instagram

    • sdss


    • Danny Duerden

      I thought it was fat Elvis for a second.

    • Bighouse

      Gluttony at its finest

    • Cut UP

      Good to see burger king is now considered classy

    • Frank M


    • Jesus

      Probably the only rich kid here who could use MORE coke (or a liposuction).


    #21 should have bought you a fooking haircut.

    • @CeeLovis

      Best comment of the day!

      • MAGSGQ

        My parents would have yanked out the bowl – never would have let it gotten that far 🙂

  • MasterDrank

    I'm going to need two for this one…

  • E=MChammered

    is #9 Augustus Gloop (from Charlie and Chocolate Factory) all grown up?

    • Anomanom

      I was thinking a younger fatter James May

  • savagecabbage

    hmm. I'm struggling to ascertain why this is a thread? who gives a fuck. They're all shitheads

    • evad

      jealous much ? go get a job

  • joe

    I want them all to die.Or become my friends.OHHHH Please one rich kid with trouble making friends buy my love.

    • Levian

      They all make me sick. There's no chance at all I said that or of jealousy…

  • Mark B.

    <img src=>#6 His life style is so modernistic as to lasting impression and evenincredible. <img src=>

    • Pretty Smile

      Dude on the left looks like Peter, from Madmen.

      • Diego

        I went to middle school with the kid on the left lmao

    • Brian Rosnick

      They're celebrating the gay sex they just had.

    • Andy Valentine

      Moet, cigarettes and homo-erotic sauna time does not a rich kid make.

  • TCSthesecond

    #19 is that an orange?

    • JohnnyDingo

      aye i really didn't get why that photo was ever taken

  • kdaniellesu10

    None of those people have souls.

    • Arby

      What you talking about? I didn't see any gingers or girls that have rejected me in this thread.

  • Jangles

    #20 is bad ass

    • john

      not really, try it from a zip line with a 60lb pack while being shot at…

      • Bigrupp

        Why do that when you can just do it from a helicopter?

    • Tommy

      Probably closer than I want my head or junk to rotating blades…

    • Andrew C

      I live with this kid lol

      • gnocco


      • KCO617

        Then you are inherently a douchebag

  • Dee

    I've seen richer

  • danno

    Use this thread as motivation, everybody make their own $ and make your own legacy.

    • jesus

      wot some times things get abit complicated. so stfu derp I WANNA PARTY

      • danno

        Hey-zus, you dirty lil fuck bag. Get a life shitstain.

    • Hero_Status

      Do i have to become a bollox at the same time???

    • J.C. Disco

      Because clearly, all these kids achieved success on their own, and it wasn't handed to them on a silver platter.

      • Owen Smithers

        Who cares? Better the wealth be handed down from some relative who worked his ass off to earn it, than have it confiscated by gov't at the point of a gun!

        • Da4098

          *POLITICAL RANT!! ARGHHH!!!*

    • bsitz

      So then you can have kids that take you for all you're worth and do nothing with their lives! Except do massive amounts of coke……MASSIVE I SAY!

    • Darth Clapton
    • thedude325

      And if you have money, don't spend it lavishly on your kids…or they'll end up like this.

    • Vince-Kristin Aleman

      No my president says that no one gets anywhere by themselves, someone helped them get where they are

    • Simon

      What legacies are going on here?

  • stemi

    Did I just follow the same 4 D-bags play grab-ass around the world..

  • Med

    Fat Kids of Instagram

    • Med

      my bad fellas…. wasn't sure if my first post went thru.

  • RYNO!

    #13 is so rich she has 2 pairs of legs… and one of them is hairy! Super swootness!

  • DrunkOldMan

    I would beat each and every one with such vigor.

    • Owen Smithers

      Sounds like you have a new zest for life!

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Alcoholic ass hats. Eh….

  • Dan Benigno

    I've never wanted to punch a group of people so much since the last time I was in Walmart.

    • linkx

      What's everybody's deal with people that shop at wal-mart? you think you're cooler because you shop at Whole Foods?!?! it's just groceries!!

      • Larry Hoover

        Wal-mart drives me fucking crazy. I spend more time in line than I do shopping.

      • Cooler

        You mustn't know much about Whole Foods if you think Wal Mart's groceries are comparable.

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