Rich kids of Instagram (20 Photos)

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  • JMc

    *punch in the sepia-tone*

  • Yes I do

    I completely and utterly HATE them all

  • dave

    we can only hope that they get punched in the face by the real world

  • Bdon

    #7 Douche Level: Duran Duran

  • jesus


  • jesus


  • zoxymusic

    #2 at least pay someone to mow your grass…

  • duh_jones

    this makes me really angry, i will never open one of these posts again.

  • PA2AK

    Live the dream. Good for them! I would thoroughly enjoy galavanting around like a total asshat without a care for the cost of things.

  • drod

    I know the word "Douchebags" has been thrown around alot on this thread, but here it is again. Douchebags.

  • Trey Johnson

    This is the result of someone buying a technology startup that was a year old for a BILLION dollars. I wouldn't do a damn thing but act like a jackass if I was in their situation. Can't even hate.

  • nice boat

    where you in roados greece this summer because we talked about stealing your boat

  • nice boat

    where you in roados greece this summer because we talked about stealing your boat #10

  • zzzzzzzzzzz

    Please vote for Romney and give the parents of these kids a tax break… please. Do you have any idea how fucking expensive jet fuel is… (me either)

    • PA2AK

      Cuz only republicans have money right? Good call…bigger douche than all these kids for sure.

      • zzzzzzzzzzz

        no. actually democrats have a higher avg amt of money… they are just not leveraging the middle class to avoid taxes. the point is that the american dream should be to work hard, become successful, and then pay your fair share. that is what i have done. that is what most democrats believe in.

        • PA2AK

          but one guy's fair share is more than the other's?

          • zzzzzzzzzzz

            yes. are you implying that someone who makes 20k / yr should pay the same amt in taxes as someone who makes millions? we would fall off the map. there would not be enough money to even support our defense budget, not to mention roads, schools, and yes – medicare

            • PA2AK

              way to make an extreme example. so you're saying that because some guy pissed away all of his opportunity and one guy didn't, the successful guy has to pay for the other one's mistakes. that oversimplifying example game is easily played. On the real though…if you think our country's success is based on a conservative vs. liberal or dem. vs. rep. battle, you are wrong. Most of those people can share many of the same positions. The problem is progressivism vs. the rest of us. The utopian dreams of progressivism is a for more grave danger to us than who is paying more taxes. And why is it always taxing "fairness" instead of outlandish spending habits and the inefficiency of the gov't. They get us to argue about how much more money they strip from the earners without addressing the fact that they take no responsibility for their actions, inactions, & corruption at any level. Oh, and not raising taxes is not a tax cut….its just not raising taxes.

              • zzzzzzzzzzz

                you are right – i am referring to the repeal of bush's tax cut. we are probably pretty similar in our politics but our slight differences force us to different sides of a 2 party system… there is the problem.

  • ChiverInMich

    I don't hate any of these people, because i don't know any of these people. I would be doing the same things if I became uber-rich, and everyone uses instagram now. I would especially be enjoying the catamaran in #13.

  • KCCO123

    #19 You're rich, and you went and bought Hennessy?… Dumbass.

    • JackD66

      The bottle on the mantle is "Richard Hennessy" about $3k.

  • Andrew Crowley

    #20 is my roommate hahah

    • PA2AK

      if he's a cool roommate you'd be allowed to join and do epic helicopter backflips from the other side.

  • wally

    I've seen that boat in greese thought about taking it for a rip

  • J.C. Disco

    If this gallery doesn't make a strong case for heavily taxing the top 2%, I don't know what does.

    • J.C. Disco

      Yeah, I know, dislike it… Because I'm sure all these kids achieved success completely on their own, and it wasn't handed to them on a silver platter.

      • PA2AK

        maybe, maybe not. why hate. who says this lifestyle is the best? who says they are happy? who says one guys earnings are worth 10% in taxes while another's is 35%? I'm sure all those guys in the lower tax bracket are hard working, bust their asses through 3 jobs, raising kids, all-american kinda people that just can't catch a break. Equal opportunity > Equal outcomes.

  • NotMe

    A few months back the Chive was constantly celebrating the lifestyle of the super-rich… now the majority of the users are hating on them? You've achieved mainstream success, Chive.

  • atryan2008

    #9 I dont care if he's rich, I wouldn't want to be him…

  • redman12

    Not even close.. try mrsusu

    He used to have instagram, it's no longer activated.

  • Rafiki

    Remember, not all rich kids are like these

  • oliverklosov

    What the F*ck is Instagram?

  • nak

    eh! you know what, good for them. there are plenty of people with out money who are still d-bag. so why hate on them? sounds like insecurity to me. much love.

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